Monday, July 31, 2006

His time...

God is always on time. He is never late, and He is seldom early...

For you who know what is going on in our lives, enjoy God's humor!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Family, I’m not talking about blood family!

Why is it, that when the husband goes out of town, the car breaks, the drain overflows… Why can that not happen when they are IN town?

Well, here’s why (my opinion) -
So we (wives) can ask for HELP!
So we can realize that there are people who care!
So we can trust on our Father to provide in every need!
So we can die to our selves and be humble by ‘family’ that wants to help.

I’ve had so many people telling me – call me if you need anything… that happened with you too? Well, Monday afternoon I trust that they really meant it. They DID. The Focus decided (that after Martin left on Sunday), Monday would be a good day for the ‘call me if you need anything’ TEST. It was almost a 100 F, 5pm & it had died next to one of our busiest streets (Airport drive). I called one of the only male friends that were in town (for everyone else was at a Summer Conference). He quickly hooked me up with the nicest & most caring ‘Dad’ in Oronogo! Linn Ragsdale! He not only got the keys (that I locked in the car in the frantic) out of the car in les than a minute, he got the car started and drove it to Oronogo (Joe Flynn, the mechanic). Amy took care of Rudi & even took me in for the night!

24 hours later, the Focus was fixed & I realized that God is bigger than any situation & that I have the biggest ‘non blood’ family EVER!

We are nothing without each other! The only thing we have in this life is RELATIONSHIPS (and Christ)!!! Things will break & break again, friends are there & most of them are just a phone call away!

Oh and by the way, I found a better place to get my car fixed… Flynn’s Auto, Webb City! Joe Flynn, goes to CCO, works all by himself in a non AC building & loves the Lord. Best service I’ve had so far, I’m willing to bet Auto Express on it!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Finally back together again...

So after two and a half weeks Martin & I are finally back together. Martin was in Colorado with another CIY team, and therefore we served in different time zones & States.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. I totally get it! This was the longest time we've spent apart since we got married. NO FUN. It is good though. We were able to have our own separate ministries with single guys & girls on our traveling teams (something that is hard to do when you are married).

God is so good to us, and we are so excited to see what He has instore for our future. For He is good and His love endures forever!!!