Saturday, May 10, 2008

Without sometimes realizing it, you brush shoulders with someone who will forever change your life.  By Shoulder Brush, I mean, sometimes it literally means, seconds... or minutes, hours or during a period of years. I write this blog because Martin and I met with my Aunt and Uncle today, whom live in Australia and whom I haven't seen since May 2001. It was such a glorious meeting. We had great wine, great food and just a great conversation.

They would brush shoulders with me, now and again growing up and they installed so many core values into my life.

They are one of the best roll models of how a marriage should be (according to me), how I would want my house to be run, and how I would want to go on vacations (they took me with time and again)… 

Then there are the silly things, floss before going to bed, always use gift wrap paper that is big enough and ‘new’ (even if it was used) to let the receiver know you really care! If you visit with friends be home before your husband, and make him feel like the KING of his castle!  

Anyhow, just wanted to brag with my great family! 

Saturday, May 03, 2008


Martin & I drove to McGregor Thursday morning (we had a LONG weekend due to holiday’s in SA).  We met up with two friends, Andre & Retha who drove from George (from St.Louis to Springfield) to see us. What makes it so great is we have two other friends, Johan & Elsabe that lives in McGregor and has a coffee shop – Villigares there.


We spent our entire day in this little quaint town. It has one tarred road, no traffic lights, and they still have a water lay system that runs through the town, to water their gardens.  You get the farmers, the Brittish and the people who no longer care to live in a busy city life sociaty, and don’t forget the tourists.


McGregor is about as far as Tulsa from Joplin, except that you drive into the mountains, past wineyards and the only thing that is remotely close to I 44, is you pay TOLL.


Anyhow, we had a great time visiting with old friends, and talking about how good God is in our lives. It is not always easy, but it is good.