Saturday, February 21, 2009


She is loving, caring, fun, true and a ray of sunshine in my life! 


How I miss the doughnuts and coffee, the couch visits and dinners at your house. Holidays at either of the parents, shop till we drop and movies with our men... 

Love you friend.

English Paper & Update

So have I have a paper to write on the Death Penalty. I have so much information I don't know if I can ever get it all in 3 pages. Opposing? In favour? Well we will have to wait one more week for a complete conclusion! 

Martin & I finished the 121km last Saturday. It was a grueling experience for me. The first 80km was great and then we hit the wind and it took as as long to finish the last 40km as the first 80km!!! 5 and a half hours!!! Yes, this is what I call INSANE!!!! 

The Argus is closing in on us, and we are not getting enough time on the bikes... to0 busy, to0 tired, to0 dark in the morning and to0 windy late afternoon...

Baby M is out of the hospital and finally getting better at 'home'! 

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Time Flies

STOP THE BUS!!! You know when life flies by you and before you know it, weeks have past... yip, that's me. I don't even recall the last time I sat down and read a blog. 

My brother Ben and his wife Elanie had their second baby boy on Friday. Vian Potgieter was 3.5kg and 50cm! He is the cutest little thing. Luan is so excited  to be a big brother!!! 

We moved, wow, that is long ago, here's the promised picture (of a month ago). Bakersfield 21! We love it!!!

I had a wonderful time with my grandma and aunt a few weeks ago, they visited Cape Town for a week. Grandma and I did family tree for two days (and thank you to Vicky we got so much done)! 

This Saturday we will be riding a 121km bike ride!!! Insane? YES. It is in preparation for the big ride on March 8th? Cape Argus! 

Our womens ministry is in the second week of Beth Moore, a woman's heart! Today we are at 56 entries! God is great, and so all the friends who helped us with the material! 

Our Young Adult ministry is taking of also, we will have a RED congregation on Wednesday. We are trusting God for young people to stand up and follow HIM.

Baby M is still in the hospital! It is crazy. There is still a leakage in the skull, but he is doing well and will be 5 months old on the 11th! 

Love you guys (and please blog more...)