Thursday, March 15, 2007

He is the all of our PRAYER...

I have been motivated to be more spiritualy disciplined through a book, rather a Handbook on Spiritual Disciplines I'm reading.

I was hit in the nose this morning when I read this quote on prayer - In prayer we seek God. We do not seek peace, quiet, tranquility, enlightenment; we do not seek anything for ourselves. We seek to give ourselves... to God. He is the all of our prayer.
- M. Basil Pennington

M.Basil Pennington must have been a real selfless person... and you know what, google did turn out to have a lot to say about
Dom M. Basil (Robert) Pennington, OCSO.

The Daffodils/Affodille are almost all in bloom and I LOVE IT! I praise my Lord!