Tuesday, July 27, 2010

because Jesus said so

Jesus said (in Mark 10:14): "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these."

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Welcome Martin

This is my 196th blog entry. I started this blog in 2005. It was mainly to keep my South African friends and family up to date with our lives... Today, it is just the opposite. I blog in english to keep my American friends up to date. So much has happened since I started this blog... I love it. Life is to short to not share it.

My awesome husband is entering the blog world.

Go read his first blog - http://bravemanmartin.wordpress.com/

Friday, July 09, 2010

Anke 4 months TODAY

Our Baby girl is 4 months old today. I can't believe it. Time has gone by so so fast. Having a baby changes everything. You forget almost entirely about yourself...

Anke LOVEs
- her Daddy, her eyes light up when she hears him. I love it.
- her Grandma Toekie. She starts 'talking' when Grandma is 'in the house'... so cute.
- her playmat. She is kicking and batting the hanging toys.
- her NUK bottles and Doemsie. When she sees it coming she excitingly opens her mouth and ads a soft cute happy cooo

Anke HATEs
- getting dressed and sitting/getting into her car seat. She screams as if we are pulling her hair. It is a less pretty sight.
- tummy time... this is not good I know, but what can we do.

She is drooling all over the place! She will try and stick her entire fist into her mouth, it is so funny to see. There is no sign of teeth though... I'm thankful.

Anke is sleeping well. Still has two feeds at night one at 2ish and one at 5ish. She will drink her bottle and go right back to sleep. Thank you baby!

About introducing solids, she is not finishing her 150ml bottle yet, so we are thinking of adding food at around 6 months. We will go with her needs rather than a time table. If you have any revelations about what to start with, please give me a shout. Cereal? Vegetables? I just don't know yet.

4 Months down... L.O.V.E it! If you (and your spouse) are considering having children GO FOR IT! Life is to short to live for yourself.

Bernard took this amazing photo of Anke! He is so talented!

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

P.L.A.A.S (farm)

I cant believe it has been 'n month since we've had our mini vacation...

Anke and I visited my parents in Magaliesburg in June and we had so much fun. Both my mom and sister in law are teachers, and due to the Soccer World Cup, the South African schools are closed for 5 weeks. Chanel, my brothers girlfriend is in school to become a teacher, so we had a fantastic time together, and yes we talked about school some...

My family prepared a baby room for Anke, with a compactem and cot. She is so LOVED.

Ben and Elanie's boys, Luan (5) and Vian (1,5) was there most of the time. They are the cutest things. Luan LOVEs the outdoors and we only saw him for lunch... Vian loves his aunt Ilze.

We scrap-booked and talked non stop for days (we did stop to sleep...). My mom took Anke into her room at night, so I got to sleep straight through. That was AWESOME.

Ilze was so sweet with Anke. At the end of our time together she said: "Now if you need me to come and help with Anke, just call me." LOVE HER! She rocked her to sleep twice, and that made her so confident. She still talks about her own children, and then adds that her husband will clean their diapers. LOVE HER EVEN MORE.

Let me not forget. Team Portugal was staying in Magaliesburg (of all places) and they practiced on our high school grounds... so funny. They (Magalies) painted a bridge green and red in town for the team... way to go city counsel.

Making new friends

Anke and I visited Iwan and Iska a month ago, during our visit to Magaliesburg! We spent one night and morning with them. Just look at these two... BFF's, can't you tell :)

Iwan is so F.U.N, a very joyful 9month (almost 10 month) old and Iska is an absolute natural and GREAT mommy.