Thursday, July 12, 2012

Breakfast anyone?

I think Martin and I could do with a breakfast at the Undercliff with amazing FRIENDS!!! 
I found this post today, made me smile!!! 

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Lia 9 months old

My first blog entry after Lia was born is so sweet... 
Lia at 3months old
My father in law took this picture in January in Cape Town. Lia did not even sit, eat any food and nearly laughed in reaction to you...

The picture below was taken a month ago on our vacation!!! A full 8 months!!!!                                                   
Lia at 8months old
Now, my sweet baby Lia is 9 months old, and crawling... Wow time  F L I E S!

Lia's Baby Shower (long over due)

 My Mom, Granny and sweet Anke at Heidi's house! 

 My SWEET  family at my shower! 
Chanel, Elanie, Ilze, Anke, me, Ouma Loraine, Mom, Monica and Tannie Joye

My brothers' wives - Chanel and Elanie!!! Love them both to pieces!!!

Oh how I love these girls!!!! Jeandre, Janine, Charmain, Heidi, Amanda, Renate and Iska! 

I must ad that Lia is now 9 months old and crawling... 
Note that Iska, Renate and Amanda now have second babies  :)