Thursday, December 27, 2007

Cape Town

We are in Cape Town!!! It is so beautiful and we love it here, 82F today. After being in Gauteng for 10 days, we felt overwhelmed by the 10 feet high walls and fast pace of Pretoria.

Durbanville, where the Bravenboer's live, is peaceful and almost 1/2 the yards are 'un-walled'. After our Christmas lunch, Martin and I walked to the park with a dam, a few blocks from their house... it felt like a park in the States. People were walking their dogs and having pick nick with their kids. We would love to live down here, if we could.

We are still trying to catch up with old friends, but we miss our Missouri friends very very much!!!

The Internet here is so slow, so forgive the slow blogging.

Have a blessed New Year!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Sunday late morning we left our farm house with my family and my dad’s sister and her husband to go to Pilanesberg. Pilanesberg is a game reserve in the boardering province, North West. We drove almost two hours before we reached the game reserve and after a quick lunch in the parking lot, we were set to go!
After entering the Reserve, we saw a pack of Baboons. Not long after this we saw a beautiful Grey Haring in a dam, and just after that we saw a Hyppopothomus and her baby calf walking out of the water. This was an amazing experience especially with my sister in the car who loves anything small.

We saw white Rhino’s – 3 times! The last time we saw them, they were right next to the road, and they had a very young calf with them. We could still see the mud on their historic looking bodies, from their afternoon mud bath, absolutely amazing.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

We are HERE

We arrived in the warm South Africa after a VERY long 40 hour transit, on Thursday. We had 4 suitcases that weighed 65 pounds (15pounds over weight). The guy who checked our bags in AR, let us by without paying any penalty, thank you for all your prayers.

The reunion was very sweet!!! My family and best friend was at the Airport.

The last week, we’ve spent time with my family on the farm in Magaliesburg and have had a great time. Martin dug 18 tree holes yesterday with my dad. We’ve spent a lot of time with my 3 year old nephew, Luan. We are currently in Pretoria.

I’ll try to get some pictures on here very soon!

We love all of you

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

On their way home

Just wanted everyone to know that Martin & Jani left Joplin this morning just before 9am. They should be on their first flight right now to Denver. In spite of this nasty ice storm, the Lord is good and He has provided them with an amazing amount of strenth to get through all of this...though they might not feel strong...the Lord's hand is heavy on them.

Please pray that they will have continued good travel and that they might be able to sleep on their flights. They will be leaving Denver this evening just after 5:30 and arrive in Germany where they will have a very long layover. They should arrive in South Africa on Thursday!

We miss you already!
Sara Hill

Friday, December 07, 2007

Guitar Hero

Our last small group meeting on Tuesday, was held at the Spurriers house. We had the greatest time! All of us played Guitar Hero, and we were like teenagers! It was a great night of fellowship and saying goodbuy to people we've grown to love deeply.

Martin and Dave rocking the house!

Michael is Martin's 14 year old guitar student. Needles to say, Michael won this game :)

Monday, December 03, 2007

Move Update 3

It is Monday December 3rd, and we are very close to being out of our house.

We sold our bed to one of Martin's friends, Josef, no Mike. Josef (Mike) works at ClawPaws in Webb City, the GREATEST pet store in our area. They had to many Mike's working there a while ago, so they started calling him Josef, so that is why we called him Josef. Anyhow, a fun occurrence happened yesterday afternoon, as they came to get the bed.

Bart came with Josef (Mike) and some other guy. Bart was a runaway fox terrier of some kind (he looked like a schnauzer to me). This dog, rules the house, he did not listen to one of the guys, and after taking his sniffles to our house, decided to venture out, towards the neighbors house, for those of you who know, there lives a boarder collie, MOLLIE. She HATES other dogs! Bart did not care and wasn’t bothered by her barking/growling. He ventured to our landlords house, and there's another dog, OREO. She also HATES other dogs!!! Nonchalant, Bart made his mark and trotted to the red van, with the two yelling men! This dog, might not be a runaway anymore, but he still acts like one.

Martin and I enjoyed this 20 min break. We laughed at the stupidity of the dog, and at the frazzled men.