Saturday, August 30, 2008

Jacques-Louis Update

Update from Flaps - 

"So we visited Jacques-Louis this morning. He looks great! And now has a drip in his head!! Because his little arms and veins are giving the doctors a hard time to find. He looks a bit like a unicorn with an off-center horn. Also Amanda fed him this morning. Not breast feeding, no - but a little tube with milk running through his nose to his stomach - Apparently his stomach is in a better condition than his heart!!"  

I can just hear Flaps in high spirit... 

"His operation will only be on Sunday at this point - seems his stable enough to hold out another day - and also the doctors are doing another major op today and will prefer to be rested when they work on him. I prefer that too." 

I can also hear his is exhausted...

Keep this family in your prayers with us, please! 

Friday, August 29, 2008

Please pray for Flaps and Amanda, and their son Jacques-Louis!!!

Their second son Jacques-Louis was born yesterdaywith a heart defect. His left ventricle is under developed. The left ventricle is one of four chambers (two atria and two ventricles) in the human heart. It receives oxygenated blood from the left atrium via the mitral valve, and pumps it into the aorta via the aortic valve.

Jacques-Louis was transferred to Sunning Hill Hospital in Johannesburg today. Several tests need to be done to decide on the best and most effective way to fix Jaques-Louis's left ventricle.

Things to pray for -
Pray for Flaps and Amanda to stay positive and not loose faith in this process.
Pray that they will hear the Lord's voice during this time of uncertainty.
Pray for Ricardo, their first born, he does not understand why his father and mother do not come home.
Pray for the doctors so that they will make the correct prognoses.
Pray that the Lord will heal Jaques-Louis. That he will stay strong during all the test and the clinical stay in hospital.

Go to their facebook pages for updates. Please leave them some notes, messages, words of encouragement as you keep them in your prayers!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Passion Cape Town...need we say more...

What a great evening!! Six thousands students and young adults got together for one purpose: His Renown! We were at Passion 07 in Atlanta and got really excited about the possibility of Passion coming to South Africa, and that day finally came!! Thanks Louis and the team for bring this great message to Cape Town.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Don't mind me...

As I sit in the study working on my eight assignment since I started on this new journey on development in an unequal world.  With the African winter sun on my back, I feel previledged! Previledged to matter enough to have a journey, to believe in a calling and to know where I am, is where I need to me right now!

Saturday was WOMEN’s day!

In a developing country this matters a lot! “Three-fifths of the 15 million children currently out of school are girls! Two-thirds of the 876 million of the world’s illetrates are women.” (UNDP 2003a:v).  See what I mean…

It is just a previledge that I, an African (ok, an Afrikaner African) am litterate! I can even spell color in Brittish or colour in American English! The more I study, the more I realise how easy it is to create our own little save world, with technoligy and a bank account! BUT it is not so easy when you have to live on less than an US $1 a day!!! Try as hard as you can to climb out of that extreme poverty trap. To most of us, this might just seem so far away… yip, far away it is but realise, our Christ would have been right there, in the whole, pushing as hard as He can to lift these people out/up from the trap. I want to scream really loud and shake some people to forget about their own kingdom, and get real… but we don’t speak our minds, we smile and walk by and hope someone else will see the need.  Enough of my heart…

Passion World Tour is here on Wednesday and our Young Adult Ministry is geared and ready to attend! We are excited and ready! 

Friday, August 08, 2008


Reichard Bravenboer 
born August 6th @ 08:01 (am)

He is a healthy baby at 4.1 kg and 51cm long!

Congrats to the proud parents, Ferdi and Lelanie!

Monday, August 04, 2008


I think Cape Town is one of the most beautiful place on earth! 

On Saturday we went hiking with our Young Adult Ministry... the picture is what you see if you climb Table Mountain from the back! 

God is establishing great people in this country who will not compromise! Please continue to pray for us as we journey on HIS road! 

Love you all!