Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Move Update 1

We reached the 6 weeks till moving date ~

1. I trained 2 new CIY employees, Adam and Shawn. I'm so excited about these guys and what they bring to CIY
2. Rudi went to her New Home on Monday. She is going to love her new family - Johnny, Jen and their 3 wonderful boys!
3. We are flying to South Africa on December 11th

2 Big Projects I'm working on this week -
1. Advertising the Focus in the Big Nickle
2. Finding a moving company that can move us across the world for a reasonable price

Our Lord is so faithful! He hears the cry of our hearts... Please continue to pray for a ministry where Martin can serve, using his musical abilities.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Garage Sale

Thanks to Sara and Jon Hill who helped us sell all our belongings, from their yard this weekend. Our garage sale was a huge success and I am very happy to announce that we will be able to buy half a coach when we get to South Africa. (Or we can buy all the electronic things we need and sit on crates)

I almost cried twice –
Once when a Hispanic lady tried to buy our new (we got it a year ago) microwave for $28!!! I said NO and said that $35 is the lowest I can go… She borrowed some money from a friend, and loaded our ‘new’ silver microwave in her all too full minivan.
A second time when someone bought my 12” laptop green sling bag for $9 (I bought it for $80 at a MAC store in Portland).

The first major project before the move is done. We have 2 more months left before the big move (now a smaller move, thanks to the garage sale).