Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My Letter

Who introduced you to Christ? Does a person or perhaps a few people come to mind when you think about those who influenced you in this major life choice?

Recently our church did an evangelistic sermon series, and they encouraged the members of the church to sit down and write letters to the people who introduced them to Jesus Christ.

I want to share my letter with you –

Dear Miss Alice,

It was 1995, and you were an English teacher at my high school who passionately taught British English to the Afrikaner Boertjies. (I grew up in South Africa and English was my second language as an Afrikaner).

Your class was fun and interesting. You taught us more than just English. You had lived in Russia over the last few years and had so much to share…

You told me about your life in Russia and how you were searching for something to fill the void in you. I understood those emotions. You told me how you went searching one night in Moscow and miraculously found your friend’s apartment where she introduced you to your Savior. You told the story with so much passion and peace. I realized I wanted to have what you had – passion and peace for something or Someone that was true and right.

You knew I grew up in the church. You knew the church’s history and how apartheid had taught our generation lies since we were little. You knew that religion and racism went hand-in-hand in my school, in my community, and in many of your students’ homes. It could not have been easy for you to ask me about my feelings towards black people. I did not really know what to think myself… I do know I was confused during those early years after the ‘94 elections when the government went through major legislative changes...

Jesus changed your life in a God-forsaken country, and I remember thinking to myself how awesome it must have felt – the God of the universe sought you out and found you and made you His.

You spent time with me and answered all my questions.

One day you asked if I would be willing to give up my Winter Vacation (3 weeks in June) to go on an outreach (missions trip) to a remote area close to Johannesburg! I felt honored but scared. How could a white Afrikaner make a difference in a rural community? You told me that we are never too young to tell people about Jesus.

I attended LSA (Love Southern Africa) ‘95, and that outreach to Manarandt changed my life. I saw people being transformed because of my God. I would never be the same after those 3 weeks!

You showed me how to fast with focus and how to pray diligently for the lost 10/40 Window in Africa. You gave me a passion for the truth and a passion to find the people beneath their colored skin. You introduced me to our Lord and helped me discover my passion for missions.

I’m thankful you took time, Alice. I’m thankful you did not give up on my rebellious teenager mentality. I thank the Lord that in 1995 you came along and changed my life!

I’m forever thankful.

Your friend and student,


Draw Near to God
Be still.
Think back to that person or those people who influenced you. Thank the Lord for their influence in your life, and write them a letter (even if they are no longer alive). Try to get it in their hands if possible.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Scott Boys

A few pictures from our baby sitting adventure! These boys were so fun and we had tons of fun!!!

Riley with Rudi while Finnley goes CRAZY!!!

Martin & Aiden - this was how they bonded the entire weekend due to Aidens' fear of Rudi!!!
Dinner at the Greenlee's

Nick and Lauren Greenlee is an amazing couple that moved to Joplin from Kansas City!

Nick made Ski Line Chillie - and YES I ate the Chillie and loved it!

They are both really good musicians and love the Lord Passionately!

Friends are family we never knew!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Hide Out ~

This is Rudi, hiding... she just know when she did something wrong!!!

It is simple amazing how fast puppies learn what is right and what is wrong! I think they learn faster than humans :)

American Football

Martin and I attended our first American Football game last night! It is a HUGE deal in our town, Webb City for our High School Cardinals are REALLY good! Some people (like Ryan) will stand in line for hours, to go see a game – determination pays!

We had lots of fun with Ken and Marsha Ansley! I can say that I know allot more about this game than ever before – thanks to you guys!

I could not help but miss RUGBY! Yes there are so many similarities, but then again, not so many! Go check out the video on YouTube and we’ll talk some more!

Why rugby is different
Rugby is a unique sport for many reasons not least because it is a game that can be played by all shapes and sizes of people.

The light and fast man (such as 79kg Breyton Paulse) or the big and slow man (such as the 120kg Willie Meyer) both play in the same Springbok team, doing their very different but equally important jobs.

In the same way there is a special place in the game for the very tall (the tallest South African international of all time was 2,05m) while the very small (the shortest was only 1,60m) can also thrive because of rugby's unique demands.

Rugby is also unique because of its very large number of rules - called Laws in rugby - that at first sight make it look a very complicated and confusing game.

It is also different because there are four different ways of scoring points - all with differing values - that require teams to think carefully about their tactics at different stages of the game.

Rugby is different because it has more players on the field at any one time than any other major sport with 30 players engaged in trying to secure possession of the ball for the full 80 minutes of each game.

It has phases of the game such as the scrummage and the lineout that make it unlike any other sport and require a variety of physiques unlike any other sport.

And rugby has specific Laws on how the ball may be moved and how players may be stopped that make it quite different from any of the other 'football' and handling sports with the exception of rugby league.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Drop, Kick & Roll!!!

The last couple of days Martin & I had the privilege to baby sit Riley, Aiden & Finnley Scott! The parents are in Florida having a great time…

Well what can we say, Riley (almost 8) loves our Dog and wants to be her baby/dog sitter, I’m not sure if she will concur.

Aiden (3) HATES my Dog… I carried Aiden on my back on Sunday morning and got all 3 and myself to church on-time! I call that ‘SUPER NANNY’!

Finn is the greatest 1 year old. He is fun and loving, he waddles like a little ducky with unstable legs.

We are alive, your kids, are alive Mom and Dad and my dog is finally hiding under the coach!

Can’t wait to give them back, no really we are serious!

We love you guys!