Tuesday, December 22, 2009


At our church, you are not just a member of Doxa Deo, you are a partner. What I love about this concept is it is not just the pastor who can pray for the sick, care for the needy and council the broken hearted.

I received a call on Sunday morning. I church 'partner' of mine, had picked up a 19 year old, white girl who was on her way to a shelter on Saturday afternoon. (Some back ground on shelters in our area - WE DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH!!!!) This colleague, decided to be this young girls shelter for the night. She was being Jesus. She brought her to church and then tried to reconcile this young girl with her foster family... She gave this homeless girl HOPE.

I can say many things - one the South African Welfare let this girl down! (I can't give any detail about this case). If someone cared enough for her (10 years ago), she would be able to write, read and have some sort of an education. But now, she is hopeless. She can barely read. Who will take her in?

This morning I was reading Stefany Heads blog, and I so wish she could be one of the Doxa Deo's Partners... do yourself a favour and go read her entry!!!

May the desire of our hearts be to be like Christ in this time!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Just Wrong!!!

what happened to Jani?

I have not blogged in forever... due to life that just passed me by as I was studying, project leading, 'churching', being pregnant... I can go on.

Update -
* We are 27 weeks pregnant, with a baby girl. Our due date is March 15th, 2010! 88 more days to go!!! I've enjoyed the second trimester. I wasn't as tired and moody... yes I was moody in the first trimester. Baby is moving a lot, she is still facing upwards with her legs stretched all the way down... she is tiny and not yet 1kg!

* I passed all my subjects!!!

* We raised funds like crazy for Thembiso.

* In the middle of moving, again. Yes we have moved 4 times since we got married, and moving again this weekend. It is a three bedroom little house, in a complex called Strawberry Field.

* My parents and Ilze will visit us from after Christmas till the first week of January. EXCITED...

* Martin & I will be married 5 YEARS at the end of the month!!! I'm so excited, being married is still the biggest blessing and best choice (except for accepting Christ as my Saviour) I ever made.

* I've been working on my quilt, for those of you who can remember it... The one I started before moving back to SA. I'm finally busy quilting. I found material for the back that is perfect and have all the colours the quilt does, as if I bought it in 2007 with the quilt material.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Proud of My Man

Yesterday a year ago, I did my first Cycle Challenge and Martin won his amazing road bike. This year, Martin had to do it alone. He was brave and did the 99km race from Wellington to Riebeeck Kasteel in the wine lands, and yes, it was hilly and the wind was blowy…

I received a TEXT saying: I'M ALIVE!!! That was after 3 ½ hours, I cant help but be proud of of Man.

He is becoming a great cyclist, and with it comes a great body :). Even though he was half dead yesterday, the trip was a very good lesson. PRACTICE MORE.

I love you, my MAN!!!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009


We are 13 weeks pregnant!!!




We have our second OB visit on Thursday. So excited. Our 8 week visit was great, once again - no.words.to.explain.

My man has been great!!! I love him so much. Can hardly wait to see him grow as a DAD. Martin is currently busy remodeling the cot he slept in as a baby. Oupa Bob made it 32 years ago. So excited. I'll post pics later.

To all my other pregnant friends - Monte and Amy, Iska and Etienne, Chris and Rachel, Elsabe and Johan, Cornel and Coenie, Charnette and Andy. CONGRATS and ENJOY.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Farm House

This house, is my farm house...

I lived here from age 7 to 12 with my parents! I have the best childhood memories here. Ben and I played for hours in the dirt, kraal, dam any thing farm related. Our last two family members where born during our time here...

The house was changed some, but the basic grey tin roof and white washed walls are how I remember this house. My dad grew up in this house, and there are two graves on the farm. It is my great Grandparents Potgieter.

Martin & I visited my parents in April and my dad took us to the farm. I think it was more bitter sweet for my dad to be on his family farm... But it was good, it brings healing. This warm is now used as a vacation farm house and the land is rented to other farmers in the area.

I hope you enjoyed some Potgieter Hystory!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

hannah montana?

I have been Hannah Montana'fied the last couple of weeks. Stickers, cellphone sock, wallet... the movie!!! I'm telling you I'm even singing along with the CD.

Ilze is flying home in 2 days. She is counting... It has been a long stretch for her, but so good. She is a very brave little girl.

It is very cold the last couple of days, so we are staying home, under blankets, watching movies. How fun is that!!!

Oh, the picture was taken on Sunday after church. Ilze dressed like HM as you can see... So sweet.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

First 5 days

Since Ilze arrived, we have been so busy! The pic

She was so brave and loved the airplaine experience! She talks about the family constantly, but calls home when she misses my mom. She is a very brave little girl.

Wednesday night we had dinner with Anique and Pierre. I realized that Ilze is used to taking a bath after dinner… she wanted to take her bath at their houseJ!

Thursday: we spent the morning at my mother in Law and were spoiled! Ilze watched an Afrikaans TV Kids Channel the entire morning. A friend of mine let Ilze borrow her childrens DVD’s while they are on vacation! She got to pic more than 10!

Friday morning we spent coloring in and watching Heidi! In the afternoon we said hallo to the babies at Thembiso. Spent some time at the library and Ilze had a great idea to have dinner at KFC!

Saturday morning we got up early and drove to Canal Walk. There we saw a show – SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS. We loved it. They sang, so Martin did not come with us J (not surprised…)

Ilze is crazy about Hannah Montana! We will go see the movie on Tuesday and maybe buy the soundtrack (the thing is so expensive)!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

one more day

Ilze will arrive tomorrow at 2pm and we are so ready for her! We borrowed a bed from my mother in law, I got the cutest duvet cover from a friend to spoil her with (it is lilac with fun flowers) and we are going to see Snow White and the seven dwarfs on Saturday... So FUN.

We are ready Missy!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009


The last couple of weeks were CRAZY!!!!!! We had an outreach with our Young Adult Ministry, read Wanda’s blog.

Martin preached that Sunday night, and this always stresses me out! The preparation happens to late, because there usually is no time because of all the other things going on in a week. You know Martin, this just doesnt work for him.

Preaching is not the last thing he did - he actually married a couple last week! I know God is stretching him way more than we ever thought he could be stretched. We had to rent a suit, and borrow a tie... I'm telling you, it was a stretching experience. Bernard took the photo's so it was fun to have the brothers at the same wedding. See Bernards photo's of Fred and Frans wedding! 

To make all this worse, Martin had to get a Voltarin Shot on Monday. His neck went into a spasm! My poor man! But that evening we went to a show at the Barnyard Theatre. It is was a fundraising event and Pierre, one of our dear friends drummed at the event. It was great. The theme was French Connection.

The most exciting news is that Ilze is coming to visit us (me)!!! God provided a ticket and she is flying by herself! She will be here from July 1- 16th! This will give my mom an opportunity to take a break and relax for a few weeks. I can hardly stand it, we are going to have so much fun!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Jordan is HOME

Meet Nate and Stef, they are some of our American friends. They have been in the process of adopting from Ethiopia since we left the USA in 2007.  Baby Jordan arrived in the USA yesterday. 

He is officially their SON! 
I've never seen Stef so happy! This is a wonderful couple who has an amazing story and I'm so thrilled for their new journey to begin! 

Here are some amazing emotion filled pics if you want to see the airport meeting in Kentucky with friends and family.

Friday, May 29, 2009


This is Ben and his son Luan, 
both dressed in their Provincial Rugby Team Shirts - The Lions. 
Print this one Grandma! 

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Next Potgieter Generation

Here are Ben and Elanie's two boys! Luan and Vian. They are just the quietest little guys. My friend Nadia visited them, and send me these pictures. Thank you friend! I just love Vian's big shoes and his expression. Luan just always smile!

I'm in the middle of exams and we have a women camp this weekend, too much going on! I designed the work booklet and it was fun, it is a 22 page A4 book. I'm proud!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Amazing Grace

My wonderful husband had the opportunity to teach about Amazing Grace last night. His sermons to me, are always AWESOME... (I am his wife if you think I'm biased)! 

He was telling the story of how he won his R20 000 Swinn Bicycle last year in a lucky draw! And how he had to TAKE it as a gift, even though he did nothing to deserve it... But also TELL others about the gift. You can do the take home of the sermon yourself.

I don't believe in luck! I do believe that God knew we could never afford any bicycle close to Swinn. So He just gave Martin one!!! And believe me, he is using it!!! Our God is so faithful and even in the small or big things HE always knows best. 

and thank God for AMAZING GRACE.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ilze on Solo

Here she is on her beloved Solo! This horse is just so relaxed and calm... round and round all day long. He will do just what you tell him to... perfect for Ilze. She has riding lessons each week at a school called Carenton. 


My baby brother, Johan... turned 21 on the 2oth!!!

He is such a great guy! He loves kids, computers, rugby, family and his girl friend! Martin and I missed his dress up party, but my family promised me some pics! I can not believe how big and handsome he is! 

I love you Johannes!!! 

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Baby M Update

It is an honor to write this blog! After his two major operations and being in the hospital for more than a month, Baby M is a happy and fun 7 month old. We've grown very fond of him... This is not all...

Baby M found a forever family and was placed on Saturday! We praise our Lord for hearing our prayers!!! He has two sisters and a brother!

No child should ever be lonely or abandoned!

Thank you for your prayers! Our God is faithful.


Martin and I had our first vacation since the beginning of November! It was 16 days during Easter. It was needed! We did some fun things, here is our list...

- Open a savings account! Yes after being back in South Africa for more than one year we had to listen to Dave R. and just open the thing. We had to save R10 000 to open it so it took us a while.

- Join the
gym! Because of winter, we can not ride our bikes in the morning because it is to dark. So we decided to join Virgin Active!

- Ride our bikes - We did some Mountain biking on a winery, we did some entry level roads between the patches of wine land. Durtopia is its name. It was beautiful. I'll post some of the pictures!!!

- Visit my parents for a week, saw Ilze ride! She is amazing on a horse and I am so proud of her. We saw Ben's second son, Vian at 2 months and my baby brother Johan who played rugby one day, so we saw that!!! A fun packed week.

- Visit with Martins family! Ons Easter Friday, we ate cake at his parents with all his grandparents and the grand baby, Reichard!! It was awesome. To have all four your grandparents no matter how old they are is a blessing!!! We enjoyed our time with them!!!

- Visit the Aquarium - WE HAD TO DO THIS. Martin often wakes up with dreams of his tanks... I think this was one of hardest things he had to let go off.

- Do some gardening - we finally found a Japanese Maple Tree!!! We planted it in a pot so it will move with us one day if we can buy a house. It was only R125.00 (just over $10!!!) We had to buy it.

- Watch the Borne Movies in a row - Visit my pregnant Iska friend - Buy a
coach - Visit with friends - Day visit to Franschoek a little town in the 'boland' (highlands).

Saturday, March 28, 2009


I was surprised with a Head Board for my birthday!!! I think our room looks like a Pottery Barn show room...  I LOVE IT!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Our Garden

I still think we moved to Bakersfield because we felt so drawn to the garden is disarray! 

It was January and had not seen water in months. The grass was dead and the landscape was non existing. 

This is the first glimpse of the garden when you walk out of the back door. The bush against the wall is a peach tree!  

More amazing before and after pictures to follow soon.

Monday, March 09, 2009


Here we are (before the race), brave and ready! Bernard took the photo in the parking garage at around 7am. 

Out of the 35 000 entries, 26 000 cyclists finished! The wind was EXCRUCIATING, and if you think I'm EXAGGERATING... I'M NOT! It took us 5 and a half hours to finish the 110km race. At one stage, we had to get of our bikes and push them, for the wind was blowing cyclist over! 

Martin & I came in around the 15 000 mark and I was 1707th of the ladies! Cool. Bernard finished an hour before us! He did an awesome job!!!

I'll try and post more photo's later. 

It was however beautiful and I loved it. I will do it again! 

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Cape Argus Cycle Tour


We are trained and ready to go! We will be on the road from 9:24 - 14:00'ish, tomorrow. It will be a 108km of beautiful scenery and amazing sportsmanship. We circle the Cape Peninsula, with the wind at 40knots against us for the first half of the race, and  behind us on the stretch home. 

Martin will be riding with me, as it is my first Argus. Bernard his brother is also riding, I think he will finish before us.   

I'm so excited! I've never done an endurance race this beautiful, so be sure to come and read the update on the experience! 

Saturday, February 21, 2009


She is loving, caring, fun, true and a ray of sunshine in my life! 


How I miss the doughnuts and coffee, the couch visits and dinners at your house. Holidays at either of the parents, shop till we drop and movies with our men... 

Love you friend.

English Paper & Update

So have I have a paper to write on the Death Penalty. I have so much information I don't know if I can ever get it all in 3 pages. Opposing? In favour? Well we will have to wait one more week for a complete conclusion! 

Martin & I finished the 121km last Saturday. It was a grueling experience for me. The first 80km was great and then we hit the wind and it took as as long to finish the last 40km as the first 80km!!! 5 and a half hours!!! Yes, this is what I call INSANE!!!! 

The Argus is closing in on us, and we are not getting enough time on the bikes... to0 busy, to0 tired, to0 dark in the morning and to0 windy late afternoon...

Baby M is out of the hospital and finally getting better at 'home'! 

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Time Flies

STOP THE BUS!!! You know when life flies by you and before you know it, weeks have past... yip, that's me. I don't even recall the last time I sat down and read a blog. 

My brother Ben and his wife Elanie had their second baby boy on Friday. Vian Potgieter was 3.5kg and 50cm! He is the cutest little thing. Luan is so excited  to be a big brother!!! 

We moved, wow, that is long ago, here's the promised picture (of a month ago). Bakersfield 21! We love it!!!

I had a wonderful time with my grandma and aunt a few weeks ago, they visited Cape Town for a week. Grandma and I did family tree for two days (and thank you to Vicky we got so much done)! 

This Saturday we will be riding a 121km bike ride!!! Insane? YES. It is in preparation for the big ride on March 8th? Cape Argus! 

Our womens ministry is in the second week of Beth Moore, a woman's heart! Today we are at 56 entries! God is great, and so all the friends who helped us with the material! 

Our Young Adult ministry is taking of also, we will have a RED congregation on Wednesday. We are trusting God for young people to stand up and follow HIM.

Baby M is still in the hospital! It is crazy. There is still a leakage in the skull, but he is doing well and will be 5 months old on the 11th! 

Love you guys (and please blog more...)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

One step at a time

Stef & Nate is adopting from Ethiopia! They finally received the referral. A perfect 4 weeks old baby boy, that they named Jordan! God is so faithful! Congratulations!

Baby M is doing much better. I visited him for about 2 hours yesterday. He wants to sit and talk which makes me believe he is going to be just fine! I'll be there again this afternoon - doing my Cheerleading.

We are starting the Young Adult ministry tonight with small group and a hike & picnic on Saturday. Please pray for this ministry!

The Beth Moore women's bible study is starting next Thursday. We have 31 women, in counting. Everyone is so excited about this study. (They are in for a surprise!!!) Thank you to each one of you that helped us with getting the material!!!

Sometimes I feel like a chicken running with my head chopped off. Sometimes I forget my life is not mine. Sometimes, most of the time, I remember, He is in control, He has a plan, I'm just walking one step at a time...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I don't like hospitals. Most of us don't. I was scheduled to visit Baby M from 9-1 and I did it with a smile. For Him, not for men.

I arrived at the hospital as Baby M was coming out of surgery. The nurses let me go to the recovery room. We stayed there for the first hour after surgery so that they could insure he was stable after the surgery. As I was sitting next to his bed, holding his little hand, I was almost overwhelmed by God's favour on his life. This little boy is so perfect.

He was born with a bag (almost like a balloon) above his nose, between his eyes. After the first surgery they closed the hole in the skull on the forehead. Brain fluid was leaking into the bag. Yesterday they removed the access skin when they opened him up to clean the infection! He looks amazing.

My life will never be the same! Sitting next to that little body as he was waking up, crying out of his dry throat, I wanted to sob with him. All I could do was Cheer him on, comfort him, talk and pray with him.

Please continue to pray!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Baby M - Infection

I had the privilege to sit with Baby M yesterday. This is a very brave baby boy! The doctors could not get the infection under control with antibiotics, so they are taking him back for surgery this morning. They will open him up and clean the infection out. Baby M has a cold so please pray for healing. After almost two weeks in the hospital this little guy is ready to come 'home'.

I have to say my emotions are so up and down over this little guy. He is so brave! He is a fighter and he has a calling on his life! Please trust God with me for complete healing and a forever family for Baby M!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


After 12 hours of carrying all our belongings down three flights of stairs, strapping it to Ferdi's Bakkie (little truck), driving 2km to Bakersfield, unstrapping and unloading. We are officially moved!

We could not have done it without amazing friends and family! Rian and Wanda came at 2ish with Romans Pizza - FANTASTIC. Bernard came a little later and Mario brought a Bakkie and trailer to finish with the bigger things at around 6ish. THANK YOU guys!

We woke up in our new little duplex to the singing birds (in contrast to the rushing interstate) - lovely. All that is left is unpacking and cleaning the old apartment.

Please read Baby M's update!!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Baby M is doing well. Please read the blog for updates.

We are finally moving into Bakersfield tomorrow! We worked in the garden on Saturday. Martin's mom gave us a car full of plants; ferns, Agapanthus, wild garlic and some little grass bushes. I'm so excited to have a little garden we can enjoy and spend time in - pictures to follow. (We missed Sara in the garden on Saturday.)

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Baby M

Friends, please pray for Baby M from Thembiso. He is going in for an extensive facial sergery on Friday. I'll post updates on the Thembiso Blog during his time of recovery! Thank you for your faithful support in prayers.

Monday, January 05, 2009


Wow time flies and I'm really not good with blogging these days.

Martin & I are training like crazy and I'm finding that my 'behind' is looking better after each ride (Aren't you proud Amy!). (The other realisation is that my paths are getting tighter, not so good...) I love it. We get up before the sun (5o'clock ish). Everything is clean and quiet. Just you and the mountains and sometimes the wind. Saturday on our long ride we did a 3 and a half hour (83km) ride. AWESOME.

Martin's youngest brother, Bernard came with us this morning, and he rocked! Our average was over 25 (almost 26kmph) on a 35km ride!!! YSTERBENE (legs of steel) is what I call that!

We found a little duplex in Sonstraal that we love, two minutes from church. It is called Bakersfield, there are 50 units, and we are number 21. It is a two bedroom, one bath, with a garage and garden. The living room is tiny, but we are excited to move there. We will move within the next week or two. Pictures to follow.

Anyway, love y'all and have a great first month of 2009!