Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sleep Training a 15month old

We are currently done with night 6... A quick rundown:

Night 1: Martin took the shift... Anke slept from 7:30 till 11 had her bottel (100ml) and slept well till 6ish.

Night 2: Martin was brave and took the shift again... Not a good night. Anke was up every hour, with screams! Dad got no sleep!

Night 3: my turn! Anke woke up around 12, gave her passi, she slept till 2 and them screamed till 4! Martin eventually calmed her down, and she fell asleep. She slept till 6ish.

Ok so I started writing this post, and never finished... We finished night 11 last night but due to fever, blocked nose and runny eyes, I'd call last night SHOT!

I have to say my HERO mom took Anke night 9 and 10! So if you ask me, Anke did well, but looking at Mom, Anke did ok...

Still going strong in second week of sleep training! Still NO fun though.
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Monday, June 13, 2011

Pretoria Zoo

Sweet Miss Anke had her first taste of The Zoo yesterday! During the morning she was on her daddies back in the carrier, and after lunch in her stroller!

It was Martins weekend off (we get one every quarter). So fun to have 2 days to spend together. Yesterday was a perfect June day. Not to cold, not to hot, there was hardly a breeze or cloud! Perfect.

Anke loved the animals, but she was more entertained by the Algerian sports team... Funny girl! She would wave and say Hello to anyone who would listen or wave back!

We are so in love with this 15month old girl!!!