Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Weekend w/ Family - update

The long weekend, Easter and birthday is over and I have to say, it was a very good weekend.

We went to church Friday morning and then after wards took my mom to Dolphin Beach for a birthday pick nick. It was a great day for a pick nick, Table Mountain was clearly visible and with almost no wind, the day was perfect. After we ate, we bought ice cream and sat on the sidewalk eating, while being entertained by Ilze.

Saturday, Martin stayed home because he had to preach Sunday night… (He did so well you guys would have been so proud) We drove to Houtbaai, to eat fish and fries (chips) at the harbour. The wind was blowing to much so that Ilze got up on Sunday ant the first thing she said was – I HOPE THE WIND DOESN’T BLOW AGAIN!

Sunday was a early and long day. We went to church, had lunch with my parents, Martin’s parents and the Besselaars (they are friends I grew up with who have 2 children). After lunch Martin & I went back to church to prepare for Sunday night church. There were almost no technical volunteers so I did ‘easy worship’ (I don’t know why but I go into a stress ball when I have to that, I don’t like it to say the least). Martin talked about STORY and how God is the writer of our story, he got a lot of his material from Donald Miller.

Monday we slept in and went to a goat & cheese farm with my dad’s step brother who is also the Senior Minister at our church, Lofty & Petra and their son Rian. We had great cheese cake and Martin took beautiful pictures.

My parents are staying till Monday.

Thank you for all of you’alls birthday messages. I feel loved and even though we are so far away from you’all my spirit feels close.

Know that we miss you more than words can say.

PS. Passion is coming to Cap Town in August 08, for those of you who would consider combining missions with a visit

Monday, March 17, 2008

We had a great, very busy weekend.

Friday night our woman’s ministry had a great time of ministry. We dressed up and wore beautiful feathered masks. We talked about the different masks we were as woman and how with Christ, we need no mask.

Saturday afternoon we went for a hike. There’s a ‘koppie’ (little mountain)– Leeukop, next to Table Mountain that we climbed out! The wind was insane and it felt like it was going to blow your clothes from your body. We made it and it was a great adventure. (Martin kept saying Johnny needs to do this…J)

Friday, March 21 is a holiday in South Africa, Freedom day, my mom’s birthday and Good Friday. My parants are driving down to visit us this coming week! It is going to be great.

My you have a great week and enjoy the last bit of winter!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Dear Friends,

Yes we are alive! God is so good to us there's no way around it.

We are both working and we have our own 2 Bedroom Apt on the 3rd floor! It is great.

Please know that we love and miss you all!

All our Love,

Martin and Jani

Ps. I'll try to update more often!