Monday, September 29, 2008

HALLO everybody!!!

This is my nephew - LUAN!!! He is turning 4 in October, loves RUGBY and the outdoors and will become a BIG BROTHER in February! My brother Ben and his wife Elanie is expecting another baby boy! 

We also got to see my aunt Monica (first picture), who is battling breast cancer and my Granny who will celebrate her 8Oth birthday end of October (my sister Ilze is in the picture with us)! 

The reason we got to see the family was - a Doxa Deo (the church we attend) Family Conference in Johannesburg last week, which is in the Gauteng Provence. My family live close by so we got to see them on Friday and Saturday before flying back to the BEAUTIFUL Cape Town.  I'll share about the conference later! 

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Many of you might know that I volunteer at House of Thembiso, which means PROMISE in Xhosa… It basically is a safe house for babies between 0-12 months! In the last 18 months we have had 24 babies move through the house, either by national or international adoption, placement into foster care or reuniting them with their families.

House of Thembiso is one of 80 homes that is part of the uMephi project!

In September I became the project manager of this amazing home… this is so big and so wow to me! God is so big and it is an amazing project to be apart of.

House of Thembiso has eight cots, which means we have eight babies at a time in our home. There is a wonderful house mom, 24 hours a day that live in one part of the house and permanent staff that works in shifts. Then we have volunteers who come in and serve the staff and love the babies.  To look after eight babies costs a lot and we are currently working on a fundraiser, called ‘SPONSOR a BABY DAY’.

For each baby to be at Thembiso, it costs R80 ($10) per day! Which isn't that much if you break it down… The plan is to launch this project at two of our community churches in October! Each cot will get a name, that will represent a baby and you can choose a ‘baby’ and one day, two days, three days… in a month to sponsor a ‘baby’.

There are still many other final details to work out, but I’m so excited about this house and the amazing adoption stories we have so far!  

Feel free to give your opinion… Ask questions, anything that will help me with detailing this project so that come launch day - it can be smooth!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Famous Warrior

My dearest friends, Flaps wrote this amazing tribute to Jacques-Louis, and I just had to translate it for those of you who followed this journey! You can follow the link to Flaps blog!  

"Daddy’s little elf, your Daddy loves you so much, and he is so proud of his son! You’ve meant so much to so many people but you’ve meant the most to Daddy and Mommy. The best time of Daddies day was when he was visiting with you. And we played so well together. When Daddy would play with your fingers and make rhymes with your toes and feet, and when you would play back. Or when Daddy would kiss kiss kiss your forehead, and Daddy could see you love it. Or when you just hold your Daddies hand. Daddy loves you so much. You fought so bravely! When your kidneys stopped working, you kept on fighting. When your stomach wasn’t feeling well, you showed the doctors… Every time the doctors said 50/50, you showed them… And your little heart would just pump so beautifully! You were so pure my little elf. Your 2 weeks on earth was without spot, without sin. Daddy wishes he could be like you.  Daddy wishes he could be half the man you were. Daddy honors you for showing us the way. Daddy wants to make his Heavenly Father proud like you. In you 2 short weeks on earth, you probably reached and touched more people for God than Daddy could, in 20 years.  You will always be a part of our family my little elf. You got just got to go home first! That’s all. But you will always be a part! And when you look down on Daddy and Mommy and Riccardo, we hope we can be as pure as you and touch so many lives as you did!

Jacques-Louis van der Merwe. Daddy’s little elf. Famous Warrior. Daddy loves you so very much. Daddy loves you so very much. Daddy loves you so very much. And your Daddy will continue this race! So that we can be together again one day. And play and laugh and wrestle together!" Flaps van der Merwe, Daddy

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Jacques Louis died last night! Please pray for Flaps and Amanda, and their oldest son Riccardo! 

Go to the link below for more details!

Friday, September 05, 2008


DEAR FRIENDS, if you are still reading this blog, please continue to pray for Jacques-Louis!!! Follow the link on the blog below (Update 2)


Monday, September 01, 2008

Jacques-Louis Update 2

Please see blog  for the update on this little miracle in happening!