Monday, August 06, 2012

Will you look at me Mommy!

Brilliant post by my friend Lindsey!

Mommy and Daddy, are you looking your children in the eye when you talk to them or are you distracted by your smartphone?

Take time and go follow the link!

Little Church

For the last couple of months i've been giving my time for our childrens ministry. Age 2 to 6. Wow, how amazing it is to see people getting on board and starting to engage in something so big!

We dont baby sit!
We are a tool for parants to use in teaching their children about Christ.

I found a great article with pro's and cons on children in 'big' church.

I enjoy seeing our children every Sunday, how they are getting used to our rooms, teachers and volunteers!

Only the Lord knows hoe I do this! Two girls in dailers, and a pastor husband... Sunday mornings are crazyness!