Thursday, July 19, 2007


Update on Jaylen's surgery -

The Bellegardes before Jaylen's surgery - go to CaringBridge to read the updates on how the recovery is going.

Please continue to pray for this amazing family and their beautiful baby girl, Jaylen.

Friday, July 06, 2007

i love a bargain

Martin always makes fun of me when I say I'm going to go shopping for ME - for I always come home with a bag of clothes, for HIM.

7pm, the tummies are full and time to find ME something yellow (it is the summer color if you do not know). Target is by far my most favorite store, so I head there first.

One hour later, I'm checking out at counter 4 - $14.97 she says. I look at her with a BIG ??? in my eyes. Are you sure I ask... 2 short sleeve button down shirts (for church) and 2 boxers that was on sale for Martin. Yes, she reassures me. BARGAIN is what I'm saying. Each shirt was supposed to be $14.99 and I got them for $3.75 per shirt. BARGAIN I say again.

9pm, I'm home! Proud of my shopping, I announce - I bought 4 things for $15 and it is all for YOU (nothing for me, just for you).

I get a smile and a head shake from Martin. "Bargain right?, what did YOU get?"


Thursday, July 05, 2007

Use me…

I finished ‘Having a Mary heart in a Martha world’ this morning. At the end of the book you are challenged to pray something like – Lord use me today, challenge my being. Ok nice thinks to pray right? Well I should know better, one time when I prayed that, I woke up in the USA…

My bible study got cancelled this morning (Tuesday), I will work till 3pm, finish my paper work at LifeChoices and head home to cook my sweet man a warm dinner to comfort the hungry stomach - was my day plan.

I left LifeChoices feeling unproductive, and then HE USED ME - she was walking on 4th and Kentucky. She had a one and a half year old baby girl on her hip.
Mary*! I stopped, she recognized me. We’ve met - I gave her a ride once before. I knew her youngest was only a baby – but due to the Hispanic father, her white family did not approve of Lucy*.

I offered her a ride. In her new McDonalds uniform, she gets in. A little pink diaper bag on her back – Where can I take you today Mary? I asked. She is shy and hates to ask for help. She was going to Neosho (a 30min nearby town). Are you meeting someone to take you, I asked. ‘I’m walking, she answered. WALKING, are you kidding me, I wanted to shout. ‘I’ll take you sweet Mary’.

I called a friend to ask directions to Neosho, (I can get there now…) we head South on 71.

Lucy* can hardly sit still, halfway through the ride, we smell why...
She has dark brown, curly hear, dark eyes, white baby teeth and a dark skin. She is beautiful. What a life, I think after Mary announce she has some business to take care off. Her other children are at bible camp she says, I do not believe her.

We turn on High Street.
Left at a church.
Here she says – A shelter I think? What business do you have at a shelter… Thank you, she says. I’ll see you again, I say. She heads to the door of the shelter.

I turned the car around. Speechless I drive. Motionless. He used me…

* Not their real names

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

fab. family

speechless (no words necessary).