Tuesday, December 22, 2009


At our church, you are not just a member of Doxa Deo, you are a partner. What I love about this concept is it is not just the pastor who can pray for the sick, care for the needy and council the broken hearted.

I received a call on Sunday morning. I church 'partner' of mine, had picked up a 19 year old, white girl who was on her way to a shelter on Saturday afternoon. (Some back ground on shelters in our area - WE DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH!!!!) This colleague, decided to be this young girls shelter for the night. She was being Jesus. She brought her to church and then tried to reconcile this young girl with her foster family... She gave this homeless girl HOPE.

I can say many things - one the South African Welfare let this girl down! (I can't give any detail about this case). If someone cared enough for her (10 years ago), she would be able to write, read and have some sort of an education. But now, she is hopeless. She can barely read. Who will take her in?

This morning I was reading Stefany Heads blog, and I so wish she could be one of the Doxa Deo's Partners... do yourself a favour and go read her entry!!!

May the desire of our hearts be to be like Christ in this time!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Just Wrong!!!

what happened to Jani?

I have not blogged in forever... due to life that just passed me by as I was studying, project leading, 'churching', being pregnant... I can go on.

Update -
* We are 27 weeks pregnant, with a baby girl. Our due date is March 15th, 2010! 88 more days to go!!! I've enjoyed the second trimester. I wasn't as tired and moody... yes I was moody in the first trimester. Baby is moving a lot, she is still facing upwards with her legs stretched all the way down... she is tiny and not yet 1kg!

* I passed all my subjects!!!

* We raised funds like crazy for Thembiso.

* In the middle of moving, again. Yes we have moved 4 times since we got married, and moving again this weekend. It is a three bedroom little house, in a complex called Strawberry Field.

* My parents and Ilze will visit us from after Christmas till the first week of January. EXCITED...

* Martin & I will be married 5 YEARS at the end of the month!!! I'm so excited, being married is still the biggest blessing and best choice (except for accepting Christ as my Saviour) I ever made.

* I've been working on my quilt, for those of you who can remember it... The one I started before moving back to SA. I'm finally busy quilting. I found material for the back that is perfect and have all the colours the quilt does, as if I bought it in 2007 with the quilt material.