Friday, March 25, 2011

Two very special visits

Anke eating corn with her Grandma Ida on the Farm. a Very special visit on my moms birthday. It rained so much they had to come get us in town with the 4x4, for their road is a mud mit...

Anke with Great Grandma Loraine! Anke and I had a sleep over at Ouma on Tuesday. We moved all Oumas little picture frames and knick knacks to higher ground... Ouma enjoyed Anke so much.

Such a privilege to be a part of their lineage!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Moms musing

So last night Anke ate rice, chicken, carrots and peas! I made nothing specially for her, it was our normal dinner. She ate everything on her plate :).

If you know anything about our last 3 months, it has been a eating disaster. Anke would not let me feed her, so she ate no purity, nothing mashed up... She would not eat carrot, sweet potato or butternut (she loved all of the above as a baby).

So I would give her potato blocks, peas and cheese... She would eat bread with butter and sometimes w peanut butter.

Lately I've been sneaking spinach and grated carrot into her scrambled eggs :)

Anke wakes up at least twice a night. She drinks a bottle at 23:00ish and again at 3:00!
Last night, after her well balanced dinner, she woke up for her 23:00 bottle and again at 5 this morning! Wow, victory! I feel so much better having slept 6 hours without waking up!

Getting there, one day at a time!
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Monday, March 14, 2011

in one YEAR

Our sweet Anke turned 1 last week! Wow, how time flies!
Just look at my teeth!!!

Anke is crawling so fast she is almost swimming :) ! She's not that confident with holding your hand and walking, but she is getting there. She stands up against any and everything. She now has 4 teeth!

Anke can say a few words like, Mamma, Pappa, Ouma, Oupa, Hallo (her favourite word). She says Eina (the word we use when you get a booboo, like ouch).

She sounds MOO for a cow, MEE for sheep, Ho Ho for an owl, and even the sound a monkey makes (I'm not going to try and write that down). She doesn't bark like a dog, or meaw like a cat.

She waves Tatta! Signs all done, more, down, milk.

She loves her Daddy, books and the new swing we hung in the garden.

She's figured out she has a belly button, and she's trying to whistle like her uncle Johan.

It is funny the emotions you go through, on your child's birthday. I remembered Martin and I getting ready in the hospital room, before they took us to the theater last year March 9th, it was almost 7 on a Tuesday morning. We knew we would hold Anke within the next couple of hours... Life Changing. Meeting that little 2,5kg baby girl, with a bunch of hair and small little nose, unforgettable.

The pictures was taken last week, I wanted to note how much she's grown in a year. Look at the little tiny tiny feet and the sleeping baby. Lots have happened in a year. Praise Jesus for ALL He has done for us!