Monday, August 06, 2012

Will you look at me Mommy!

Brilliant post by my friend Lindsey!

Mommy and Daddy, are you looking your children in the eye when you talk to them or are you distracted by your smartphone?

Take time and go follow the link!

Little Church

For the last couple of months i've been giving my time for our childrens ministry. Age 2 to 6. Wow, how amazing it is to see people getting on board and starting to engage in something so big!

We dont baby sit!
We are a tool for parants to use in teaching their children about Christ.

I found a great article with pro's and cons on children in 'big' church.

I enjoy seeing our children every Sunday, how they are getting used to our rooms, teachers and volunteers!

Only the Lord knows hoe I do this! Two girls in dailers, and a pastor husband... Sunday mornings are crazyness!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Breakfast anyone?

I think Martin and I could do with a breakfast at the Undercliff with amazing FRIENDS!!! 
I found this post today, made me smile!!! 

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Lia 9 months old

My first blog entry after Lia was born is so sweet... 
Lia at 3months old
My father in law took this picture in January in Cape Town. Lia did not even sit, eat any food and nearly laughed in reaction to you...

The picture below was taken a month ago on our vacation!!! A full 8 months!!!!                                                   
Lia at 8months old
Now, my sweet baby Lia is 9 months old, and crawling... Wow time  F L I E S!

Lia's Baby Shower (long over due)

 My Mom, Granny and sweet Anke at Heidi's house! 

 My SWEET  family at my shower! 
Chanel, Elanie, Ilze, Anke, me, Ouma Loraine, Mom, Monica and Tannie Joye

My brothers' wives - Chanel and Elanie!!! Love them both to pieces!!!

Oh how I love these girls!!!! Jeandre, Janine, Charmain, Heidi, Amanda, Renate and Iska! 

I must ad that Lia is now 9 months old and crawling... 
Note that Iska, Renate and Amanda now have second babies  :)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

at times...

So I find myself in a season so out of my comfort zone, yet, here I am!

With two sweet little girls under two and a half, I'm on the back burner... Hair in a pony tail, jeans and a jacket. I never thought I'd be that kind of mom, yet, here I am!

my girls and I,  at the beach in Mei
This season is so crazy. 

At times I want to run away and hide.
At times all I can do is PRAY.
At times I dance with a baby in my arms.
At times I laugh until I cry!
At times I can't believe their mine.
At times I can't believe God in trusted them to us.
At times I'm overwhelmed.
At times I'm overjoyed.
At times I tickle.
At times I read.
At times I sing.
At times I sleepwalk.
At times I don't want to...

Most of the time, I   L O V E...

Monday, June 25, 2012

5 am

What is up with 5am... 
My word! 
Anke wakes up at 5 and wakes up everyone around her!!!! 
Makes me furious. 

BUT look at this cute face... She is only 2!

Anke is counting to 15 and loves reading books. She loves singing any song as long as she can remember the tune, she will just make the words up as she goes... She knows most of her colors, purple is the favorite :) Her favorite 'game' at the moment is cutting with her 'skertjie'.

LOVES Barney, Dora and Mickey Mouse.

Anke is so social, and greets anyone looking her way. Hilarious.

Potty training in winter is not my cup of tea... So we play now and then with going to the potty, but comes September, we will work hard at getting her trained!

Even thought I'm not getting enough sleep, she is truly bringing much joy to my life!

Sunday, April 01, 2012

"Some Fun Pics" Blog

Martin and I attended a wedding without the kids in March! It was so fun and an amazing wedding! We ate like royalty and E N J O Y E D every minute!!!
Our sweet Blue Eye Two year old on her birthday!
Anke L O V E S Beetroot... Weird, right!
On the day we had Lia's Baby Dedication at Doxa Deo Brooklyn. Our family and friends joined us for this very special day!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Lia at 4months


One thing Lia knows how to do... pull a very unhappy face. I remember seeing this lip right after the ceaser. sweet girl

Lia adores her daddy, she's always ready with a smile.

Once again, pictures taken by Bernard aren't they amazing...

Miss Anke, allmost T W O

Bernard took these amazing pictures of us in January on our very short visit to Durbanville!!!

As you can see, Anke is drinking a bottle, which we now stopped. It has been a very rough few weeks without the bottle. She REALLY loved drinking tea out of it. Every time she sees this picture she will point to her bottle... bless her heart!

One of Ankes favorite things is swinging... Just look at that sweet face!
I L O V E this girl!
We have plenty of these, these days. Being almost two can be so confusing... But no matter how many tantrums, we are still madly in love with our Anke Louise.

Anke, almost two, the sunshine in our lives.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


It seems like Anke is developing a love for shoes!

She picked out a pair of polka dot flip flops in the beginning of summer. They aren't the most comfortable shoes, but they sure are cute!!!

This morning she arrived at a play date, on a farm with brown winter boots. Luckily she took them of before they became farm boots:) I've read you should chose your battles with toddlers. I seem to agree!

Tonight she got very upset when I took her slippers off, before bed! No, they are going to bed with Anke, still on her feet...

Sweet thing!
L O V E. L O V E. L O V E. her!!!
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