Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ilze on Solo

Here she is on her beloved Solo! This horse is just so relaxed and calm... round and round all day long. He will do just what you tell him to... perfect for Ilze. She has riding lessons each week at a school called Carenton. 


My baby brother, Johan... turned 21 on the 2oth!!!

He is such a great guy! He loves kids, computers, rugby, family and his girl friend! Martin and I missed his dress up party, but my family promised me some pics! I can not believe how big and handsome he is! 

I love you Johannes!!! 

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Baby M Update

It is an honor to write this blog! After his two major operations and being in the hospital for more than a month, Baby M is a happy and fun 7 month old. We've grown very fond of him... This is not all...

Baby M found a forever family and was placed on Saturday! We praise our Lord for hearing our prayers!!! He has two sisters and a brother!

No child should ever be lonely or abandoned!

Thank you for your prayers! Our God is faithful.


Martin and I had our first vacation since the beginning of November! It was 16 days during Easter. It was needed! We did some fun things, here is our list...

- Open a savings account! Yes after being back in South Africa for more than one year we had to listen to Dave R. and just open the thing. We had to save R10 000 to open it so it took us a while.

- Join the
gym! Because of winter, we can not ride our bikes in the morning because it is to dark. So we decided to join Virgin Active!

- Ride our bikes - We did some Mountain biking on a winery, we did some entry level roads between the patches of wine land. Durtopia is its name. It was beautiful. I'll post some of the pictures!!!

- Visit my parents for a week, saw Ilze ride! She is amazing on a horse and I am so proud of her. We saw Ben's second son, Vian at 2 months and my baby brother Johan who played rugby one day, so we saw that!!! A fun packed week.

- Visit with Martins family! Ons Easter Friday, we ate cake at his parents with all his grandparents and the grand baby, Reichard!! It was awesome. To have all four your grandparents no matter how old they are is a blessing!!! We enjoyed our time with them!!!

- Visit the Aquarium - WE HAD TO DO THIS. Martin often wakes up with dreams of his tanks... I think this was one of hardest things he had to let go off.

- Do some gardening - we finally found a Japanese Maple Tree!!! We planted it in a pot so it will move with us one day if we can buy a house. It was only R125.00 (just over $10!!!) We had to buy it.

- Watch the Borne Movies in a row - Visit my pregnant Iska friend - Buy a
coach - Visit with friends - Day visit to Franschoek a little town in the 'boland' (highlands).