Friday, November 26, 2010

Eden Bell

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My fav book

This morning Anke kept looking over my shoulder to the bookshelf.
I finally realized she recognized her baby animal book I left on the 'grown up' shelf yesterday.

She got so excited after I took it down, she couldn't wait to sit down and 'read' it...

She is so cute and L O V E S cats. It might be the sound they make? We are having so much fun with our 8 month old!!!

Thank you Jesus for giving us Anke!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Anke's Great Grandparents

I've wanted to post these pictures for a while now...
just look at how privileged Anke is!

Oupa Bob and Ouma Nel Bravenboer, my father in laws parents.
They live here in Cape Town.

Oupa Matie and Ouma Rita Otto is my mother in laws parents.
They live in Pretoria.
Ouma Loraine Schutte is my moms mother. She is the only grandparent on my side!
She lives in Kemptonpark.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Women #16 - Retha Jacobs

Retha Jacobs is my friend who LOVES LIFE PASSIONATELY.

Retha LOVES Christ with passion, she LAUGHS with passion, she PLAYS her piano with passion.

Do what ever you do with passion = RETHA
This picture was taken in 2008 in a small 'Boland' Town - McGreggor. Before this day, in 1999 we drank coffee in a coffee shop in McGreggor...

We met in 1999, we were first years at C-Kruis (13thFloor). We became such great friends and we shared so much 'life' in those years. On Thursday nights after packing the Truck, we had a rule: don't brush teeth or wash your face :) We spent hours day dreaming on our futures... We laughed so hard, it even makes me smile as I type

She currently is involved in a great ministry for girls - CRY GIRLS CONFERENCES

I L*O*V*E Retha

Your passion for people and life is inspiring my friend. You've taught me to live life without holding anything back!!!

Women #15 - Anel Alexander

Anel Alexander (Fletti) - Anel and Pollie picked me up at the Pretoria Buss Station on New Years 1999. She was my Team Leader in C-Kruis (13thFloor). We became great friends during the next 2 years. We shared many laughs and many tears...

(photos might just embarrass both of us... so we'll keep those in the albums.)

Anel taught me things like - when you get up from your chair, push it in...
FAMILY is important.
Send that note, you never know how much someone may need it.
Birthday celebrations are necessary.
Eat an apple a day.
Know your values, and don't bend them...
Following your dreams, and do your best!

Anel was one of the most beautiful brides I've ever seen. She married her first LOVE and she loves Christ.

i L*O*V*E this girl

Women #14 - Annette Fourie

Annette Fourie is my friend whom introduced me to the book Boundaries! It changed my life!

She was my counselor in C-Kruis (now 13thFloor) and we drank liters of Earl Grey Tea between 1999-2003. She helped me overcome a multiple of 'issues'. DANKIE ANNETTA!!!

Annette is a great Teacher, she has a gift to open 'old' scriptures to complete revelations! She has a loving husband and two beautiful little girls.

I L.O.V.E Annette - once you call her friend, you will always, call her friend.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Women #13 - Cobi van der Smit

Cobi van der Smit could have been my mother!

As a little girl I often said she was my second mom. She has one son, my age. He was my first friend when we moved to Magaliesburg in 1987. We did everything a city girls isn't used too. Climb trees, shoot birds, hike... we had so much fun.

Cobi is a very talented artist... she can do many things - I think her biggest gift is sowing. She not only made my Matric Farewell dress, but also altered my USA bought wedding dress so that it fitted to the T, in a week :).

In this photo you can see my dress is longer at the back, she altered the front and sloped it to the back. She also took cm's from both sides to make it sit perfect on my hips! I loved my dress, and SHE perfected my Georgia bought wedding dress! STILL LOVE IT.

I LOVE Cobi's zest for life! Her passion for adventure, all things pretty, dainty and beautiful. Cobi got baptized not long ago, and is passionate about Christ.

I L*O*V*E you Cobi.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Women #12 - Amy Hunt

Amy Hunt, my go getter friend!!! No goal is unreachable for AMY.

When Monte and Amy moved to Joplin, it did not take long for us to became friends. I don't even remember ever not being friends. Amy is such a big part of my USA life. She is the reason I know how to apply eye make up, had a dog named Rudi and the reason for 'all' my Pampered Chef Kitchen ware. If I ever have my own home business, she would be the motivation!

Amy is a fantastic Wife to Monte.
Amy is a wonderful passionate Mother to Gibson.
Amy is a serving member of the Church and LOVES Christ with all her being.
Amy is a great Mary Key Sales Rep!
Amy is a loving, caring, proud dog owner!!! (She loved Rudi, almost as much as we did.)

Amy is a girl always on the go - how I L*O*V*E my GO GETTER VRIENDIN.

One day we will sit in your red kitchen, around the table, eating Monte's great dinners, out of your red plates.

I can hardly wait my friend, I can hardly wait!

Women #11 - Vicki Spurrier

Vicki Spurrier is a very good friend of mine, I will have Anke call her Auntie Vicki!

She is a wife, a mother, a home school teacher, a animal lover and a GREAT FRIEND. I remember meeting Vicki in the Summer of 2003. She was providing Believe with leather wristbands, that say REVEAL on them. She was this petite little thing with curly hair, and a very friendly smile. I just new her as Vicki then.

I saw her another time in 2004, at the dentist who was going to remove my one wisdom tooth... yes just one (I could not afford removing all 4). We greeted, and that was it.

2005 rolled by and Martin said he was going to teach a little guy from church, guitar. To my surprise, Vicki's son Michael was the student, and THIS WAS THE BEGINNING OF A GREAT FRIENDSHIP!

We went camping in Branson, MO with Marshall, Vicki, Makenna and Michael, and had so much fun! We ate till we dropped. Just look at our fun picnic table outside the RV. Goodness we had a great time. It rained that weekend, but that did not stop us from hanging with our 'family'!!! Our second vacation with them in TX was UNFORGETTABLE!!!

My most fond memories of the Spurriers are at their house, sitting around the kitchen table, playing games. WE LOVE THIS FAMILY.

Vicki and I spent hours, talking about life, family trees, being all sentimental... Vicki is one of the best gift givers I know. She will make a mental note of something you said, and when your birthday comes around, she gives the perfect wanted gift.

She bakes the best Christmas cookies EVER. And nowadays, she sends the best handmade Joplin chocolates from the Chocolate Factory for Christmas!

Vicki has a one year Bible, that has been read so many times, the ears curl. I L.O.V.E this Women.

She taught me to be sensitive.
To serve at home before you serve outside.
No one has to know it was you who did the good deed...
To be generous.

This picture was taken at my 27th birthday in our little Carthage house (with no doors).

Friday, August 13, 2010

Women #10 - Alice Smith

Alice Smith was a teacher at my school whom introduced me to Christ. More than English, teaching and Russia, she loved Christ!

In 2006 our church did an evangelistic sermon series, and they encouraged the members of the church to sit down and write letters to the people who introduced them to Jesus Christ.

I want to share my letter with you
(it was a post in 2006, and therefore I can share it)

Dear Miss Alice,

It was 1995, and you were an English teacher at my high school who passionately taught British English to the Afrikaner Boertjies. (English was my second language).

Your class was fun and interesting. You taught us more than just English. You had lived in Russia over the last few years and had so much to share…

You told me about your life in Russia and how you were searching for something to fill the void in you. I understood those emotions. You told me how you went searching one night in Moscow and miraculously found your friend’s apartment where she introduced you to your Savior. You told the story with so much passion and peace. I realized I wanted to have what you had – passion and peace for something or Someone that was true and right.

You knew I grew up in the church. You knew the church’s history and how apartheid had taught our generation lies since we were little. You knew that religion and racism went hand-in-hand in my school, in my community, and in many of your students’ homes. It could not have been easy for you to ask me about my feelings towards black people. I did not really know what to think myself… I do know I was confused during those early years after the ‘94 elections when the government went through major legislative changes...

Jesus changed your life in a God-forsaken country, and I remember thinking to myself how awesome it must have felt – the God of the universe sought you out and found you and made you His.

You spent time with me and answered all my questions.

One day you asked if I would be willing to give up my Winter Vacation (3 weeks in June) to go on an outreach (missions trip) to a remote area close to Johannesburg! I felt honored but scared. How could a white Afrikaner make a difference in a rural community? You told me that we are never too young to tell people about Jesus.

I attended LSA (Love Southern Africa) ‘95, and that outreach to Manarandt changed my life. I saw people being transformed because of my God. I would never be the same after those 3 weeks!

You showed me how to fast with focus and how to pray diligently for the lost 10/40 Window in Africa. You gave me a passion for the truth and a passion to find the people beneath their colored skin. You introduced me to our Lord and helped me discover my passion for missions.

I’m thankful you took time, Alice. I’m thankful you did not give up on my rebellious teenager mentality. I thank the Lord that in 1995 you came along and changed my life!

I’m forever thankful.

Your friend and student,


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Woman #9 - Toekie Bravenboer

Toekie Bravenboer is my mother in law.
We met just before Martin & I got married in 2004.
I had no idea what an amazing mom I was being blessed with.
Today 6 years later, I JUST LOVE HER!!!

Ma Toekie is such a big part of my life. Even before Anke was born, I visited her once a week. Time always goes by too fast when I'm with her. We talk about any and everything.
We both enjoy drinking decaf coffee out of a beautiful cup and saucer or a printed mug.
We love the Ideas Magazine (if we really wanted, we could do almost every project they suggest), we both love chocolate, Wonki Ware, everything in Poetry, and dogs.

Ma Toekie calls her Mom, Ouma Rita, who lives in Pretoria at least once a week, if not every other day. She loves family and remembers even her sister's husband's birthday.
She has 3 sons, 2 daughters in law and 3 grandchildren. Both her parents is still alive.
She loves her husband!!! She has 2 girlfriends that meet once a week, we call them Femail-Meetings...

She will always open the door when the doorbell rings and she keeps leftovers in the freezer in case someone hungry comes knocking.
She loves to read, and has a fantastic general knowledge!
She printed every picture we emailed from the USA, and made a photo album.
She loves boardgames.

Ouma Toekie with Anke, just a couple of hours old. Look at that smile! A very proud Grandma!

I really L.O.V.E you Mom.

Woman #8 - Elita Maliepaard

Elita Maliepaard is my cousin. She is married to Pieter and has two daughters, Elisha and Annemi. They live in Perth. This picture is a little outdated...

Elita is the older sister I never had. She is very artistic and I love her paintings. I still have one of her blocked women paintings.

She has strawberry blond hair and is much taller than I. We don't look anything alike! These are all my cousins about 16 years ago- Elita in the middle is holding Sugnet (Monica's daughter), I'm holding my sister Ilze (I'm wearing the flower pants :0)

She took me for a drive in her Mini after she got her license, to a pizza place down the road. She would bake muffins for breakfast if I visited her in her apartment. We once did an outreach together. Sold fundraising tickets at Edgars for a ministry who's name I can't even remember anymore.

We spent hours at the Kruger National Park with her family. I loved the early morning game drives, with coffee and 'beskuit' at the water hole, waiting for animals. Sleeping alone in her tent... The adventures.

Her cousin once burnt down a little straw-house we built on her granddads farm... The only thing that was left was two plastic puddles, that once where my new shoes.

We talked about kissing boys. Movies and piercings. Dreaming of one day, having our own children. I was always intrigued with her and her friends' adventures, for she was growing up in the City and I in the Country.

Elita can make the most beautiful flower arrangements, make amazing chocolate mouse and she can make a Christmas tree out of a dead branch.
Her girls always dress alike and is as cute as their mother.
She loves Pieter.
Elita chose to stay home with her girls... I love that.

My cousin, my sister serves Christ with her entire being. I really miss our adventures together.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Woman #7 - Monica Keller

Monica Keller is my mothers youngest sister. She's always been there... I remember being a flower girl at her wedding, the birth of her first son. I remember what their house looked like when they first moved in... and I've seen her garden grow from a few flowers to a lavish paradise. I never called her Aunt. She's always been more of a friend.

This picture was taken Sept 2008

She has 3 beautiful children! All three dark hair, with blue eyes, and tall!

Monica will always testify of how faithful God is. She is a lover of Christ and it is very evident.
Monica has overcome breast cancer.
She planned an awesome 80'th birthday for Grandma Loraine.
She's almost done with her degree through UNISA.
She has the most beautiful smile!
I love her strong hugs, happy laughs, big feet and her own style!
I love it when she calls me JANELS.
My mom, with Monica and Elize... I think they are so so beautiful - Oct 2008.

Monica taught me to SMILE SMILE SMILE.
The Lord is my strength.
You are never to old to follow your dreams.
Family Family Family!

I just love this women!

Woman #6 - Elize Prinsloo

Elize Prinsloo is my mother's sister.

Aunt Elize has a wonderful husband, Bert. They have 4 daughters, 2 son in laws, and 2 granddaughters. Their entire family live in Perth Australia.

Aunt Elize is CRAZY about her husband, they are one of the best roll models of how a marriage should be (according to me). They LOVE going on vacation, and will always do it style (even if they go camping).

Aunt Elize ran the Comrades Marathon, and finished. She made my Cousins wedding dress. She can decorate for any magazine and cook on any show...

Things my Aunt taught me - Love and serve Christ. Love your family. Love your children. Be good to your body. What you put in, you get out. Use gift wrap paper that is big enough and ‘new’ (even if it was used) to let the receiver know you really care! If you visit with friends be home before your husband, and make him feel like the KING of his castle! Live in the NOW.

Thank you for taking me with on vacation all those years. Your family installed so many core values in my life. LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU.

This picture was taken in Paarl in 2008. They visited Cape Town, and took Martin and I for lunch!

Monday, August 09, 2010

Women #5- Sara L Hill

Sara Hill is nothing less than a sister to me.

The day I met Sara was 16 May 2003. I arrived in the Oklahoma City Airport where she and Janese was waiting for me. I was met with such a big smile, I knew we would be forever friends.

Sara taught me everything I know about Excel, Access and how to scrapbook for hours. She took me to my first Tairobics class with a bunch of fun ladies. She introduced Starbucks and Crispy Cream Donuts to me - my life will never be the same again. We shared hotels rooms, ideas, tears and many laughs. We dug in the garden and planted many plants in their Webb City Garden. We painted many walls, rolled many shirts and counted many $'s.

I believe Sara is the BEST Administrative Assistant anyone can ever have.
Sara loves Jesus, her family and Monacle Pizza. She is a 'old fashioned' girl like me and loves anything handmade. She makes the best handmade cards and banana bread.

This was the last 'family' picture of us four. Thanksgiving 2007. This was the best thanksgiving Martin & I ever attended.

After Martin & I got married, Jon and Sara moved all our belongings into our new apartment, without us knowing and by the time we arrived back from South Africa and the first Believe, our Apartment on Road was all set.


We spent countless hours in a bus, a people mover, van or car. We covered the US from coast to coast. Sara's mom still signs her emails: "your US mom and dad". That is just how Sara is, always sharing what she has.
This picture was taken at Bush Gardens on one of our 'family' trips to Jons parents in Virginia.

Sara loves JON.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Women #4 - Iska Trollope

Iska Trollope is my bestes friend in the whole world!!!

We became friends in our junior year in high school. Now people will meet us separately and say we look alike, talk alike even laughs alike… I don’t know what they are talking about.

Iska knows me inside out. We’ve had endless hours of life experience together… Eating, camping, driving, swimming, walking, sleeping, laughing, studying, dreaming, tanning, philosophizing, praying, praising, crying…

We love to wear each others clothes, drink wine, drink coffee, eat chocolates and sushi!

She knows who I kissed first, she knows how I got the scar on my knee, she knows what my real singing voice sounds like and she knows how I feel about most things in life. I can honestly say, Iska knows me just a tad less than Martin.

Iska is one of the 'strongest' friends I have. Iska grabs life by the horns, and lives it. She is married to a great guy, Etienne. She has a beautiful 11month old son, Iwan. They have two dogs, Chillie and Klara. She is a radiographer and has great great ball sense.

She LOVES Jesus.

Iska traveled extensively, and has seen more of our world than I think most of us... Thank you for coming to see me in the USA in 2004 Issa!!!

One thing Iska has taught me is to make Lemonade our of lemons. Thank you for sharing your Van Voorst family values with me. I LOVE YOU!!!

Women #3 - Ilze Potgieter

Ilze Potgieter is my sister.

She was born a month early in the year I turned 12. She is the youngest of 4. She is a beautiful blond and is 18 1/2 years old. She will be 'graduating' from 'high school' at the end of 2010.

Ilze loves my Mom, where mom goes, she goes...
Ilze loves her Grandma Loraine.
She loves her cousins, all 3 of them.
She loves babies.
She loves horses, dogs and most animals in general.

Ilze is crazy about HM (Hannah Montana...)
She loves to watch Oprah and 7de Laan with my mom
She has her own tv and video player in her room and watches the same Barbie movies, over and over and over again.
She keeps her room neat and clean, most of the times.
She helps my mom in the kitchen with setting the table and unpacking the dishwasher.

Ilze loves Jesus, and will sing praise songs all day long. If she did something wrong, she'll pray and ask for forgiveness... (I love that about her, so honest and without pretense).

Ilze has taught me to love unconditionally. To laugh at yourself and to enjoy the small things in life.

No matter how 'disabled' you are, YOU are here, so BE HERE and live YOUR best life.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Woman #2 - Loraine Hope Schutte

Loraine Hope Schutte is my grandmother (and I think I look like her...)

Ouma Loraine will be 82 in October. I JUST LOVE HER. She still lives in her own 3 bedroom townhouse, opposite a retirement village. I don't think she is planning on ever moving across the street...

Ouma Loraine has 4 children, my mom is the 2nd. My grandpa died more than 20 years ago... and Ouma never remarried. She has 14 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren. Ouma loves her children, she would do anything for any of us.

She loves Christ. One of my first memories of her is on the farm in Magaliesburg, I was about 11. Grandpa had died already so she slept with me in my room. I woke up early the Saturday morning to find Ouma already upright in bed with her Bible open on her lap... She is like a cornerstone to our family. I believe we've overcome many hardships because we have her, our prayer warrior. She still has a Bible Study group!

Before flying back to Cape Town after Anke and I visited my family, we stopped at her house (she lives close to the airport). She walked to the shop to buy fish and chips for us... So as we turn up her street, we see this little old lady with a basket, walking slowly. IT IS HER. Oh how fond I am of her.

She loves flowers, and her garden is always 'overfull', she loves sales and always hunts for a bargain. We can never leave without cleaning our plates - waste not want not.

She will always send a birthday card and include a verse, such as Ps 23:1 or Phil 3:14.

Ouma Loraine has taught me to love Christ first.

Pray with expectancy.

Love your family, you did not choose them.

Reuse, recycle and save where you can.

This picture was taken in 2008. Blog about the 80th birthday...

Woman #1 - Ida Louise Potgieter

Ida Louise Potgieter is MY mother.

My mother loves Jesus, her family and could not care less if she had no money in the bank. She has a husband (Izak Johan Hendrik Potgieter), 4 children (Ben, Johan, Ilze and I), + 3 (Elanie, Martin and Chanel)... She is a passionate grandmother of 3 (Luan, Vian and Anke) and friends dating back 5o years... Yip, she has a heart like a South African Taxi - always seats for more.

My mother is a teacher at a public school, and she will pay each matriculant R500 if they get an 80% at the end of the year in her subject (don't tell the department of education)... Once a year she takes her students to the OR Tambo Airport, yes, she gets a local taxi and of they go to J'burg.

Louise means warrior... as a little girl my mom overcame polio. She is such a warrior. My mother has moved more in her life than what you can count on both hands. She is packing as I'm typing.

She taught me to LOVE people passionately. Forgive continually. Serve Christ first. Never never never give up on someone. Money can never buy relationships...

I honor you Mom for imparting a piece of you in me! I.LOVE.YOU

August - Celebrating Women

So in August, we celebrate all kinds of women! Why not write about the special influential women that is a part of who you are today...

Each day in August (I'm already behind) I'll post a note, picture or both about a women in my life...


Wednesday, August 04, 2010

momsgroup #1

Samual was a boy after God's own heart!

He heard God's call... and answered Him. He listened to what God had to say, and he responded to the voice of the Lord, "Here I am!...Speak, for your servant hears" - 1 Sam3:4,10

Where does such a heart come from? First and foremost, from God Himself! We can also ad that not far behind is a MOTHER (after God's own heart).

Hannah prayed to God and vowed to give her son to Him - 1Sam1:11, and so she did at a tender age of 3 years she gave Sam to Eli, the Priest.

Imagine Hannah's love for God... Imagine what she taught Sam during those first years of his life about God. Oh how she must have loved God... To follow through with her promise, to give Sam back (up).

I pray that I can be a mother like Hannah! Having a burning dedication to God and to teach and train my children to follow HIM, to know HIS voice and to answer HIS call.

Resource - a Mother after God's own heart, Elizabeth George.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

because Jesus said so

Jesus said (in Mark 10:14): "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these."

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Welcome Martin

This is my 196th blog entry. I started this blog in 2005. It was mainly to keep my South African friends and family up to date with our lives... Today, it is just the opposite. I blog in english to keep my American friends up to date. So much has happened since I started this blog... I love it. Life is to short to not share it.

My awesome husband is entering the blog world.

Go read his first blog -

Friday, July 09, 2010

Anke 4 months TODAY

Our Baby girl is 4 months old today. I can't believe it. Time has gone by so so fast. Having a baby changes everything. You forget almost entirely about yourself...

Anke LOVEs
- her Daddy, her eyes light up when she hears him. I love it.
- her Grandma Toekie. She starts 'talking' when Grandma is 'in the house'... so cute.
- her playmat. She is kicking and batting the hanging toys.
- her NUK bottles and Doemsie. When she sees it coming she excitingly opens her mouth and ads a soft cute happy cooo

Anke HATEs
- getting dressed and sitting/getting into her car seat. She screams as if we are pulling her hair. It is a less pretty sight.
- tummy time... this is not good I know, but what can we do.

She is drooling all over the place! She will try and stick her entire fist into her mouth, it is so funny to see. There is no sign of teeth though... I'm thankful.

Anke is sleeping well. Still has two feeds at night one at 2ish and one at 5ish. She will drink her bottle and go right back to sleep. Thank you baby!

About introducing solids, she is not finishing her 150ml bottle yet, so we are thinking of adding food at around 6 months. We will go with her needs rather than a time table. If you have any revelations about what to start with, please give me a shout. Cereal? Vegetables? I just don't know yet.

4 Months down... L.O.V.E it! If you (and your spouse) are considering having children GO FOR IT! Life is to short to live for yourself.

Bernard took this amazing photo of Anke! He is so talented!

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

P.L.A.A.S (farm)

I cant believe it has been 'n month since we've had our mini vacation...

Anke and I visited my parents in Magaliesburg in June and we had so much fun. Both my mom and sister in law are teachers, and due to the Soccer World Cup, the South African schools are closed for 5 weeks. Chanel, my brothers girlfriend is in school to become a teacher, so we had a fantastic time together, and yes we talked about school some...

My family prepared a baby room for Anke, with a compactem and cot. She is so LOVED.

Ben and Elanie's boys, Luan (5) and Vian (1,5) was there most of the time. They are the cutest things. Luan LOVEs the outdoors and we only saw him for lunch... Vian loves his aunt Ilze.

We scrap-booked and talked non stop for days (we did stop to sleep...). My mom took Anke into her room at night, so I got to sleep straight through. That was AWESOME.

Ilze was so sweet with Anke. At the end of our time together she said: "Now if you need me to come and help with Anke, just call me." LOVE HER! She rocked her to sleep twice, and that made her so confident. She still talks about her own children, and then adds that her husband will clean their diapers. LOVE HER EVEN MORE.

Let me not forget. Team Portugal was staying in Magaliesburg (of all places) and they practiced on our high school grounds... so funny. They (Magalies) painted a bridge green and red in town for the team... way to go city counsel.

Making new friends

Anke and I visited Iwan and Iska a month ago, during our visit to Magaliesburg! We spent one night and morning with them. Just look at these two... BFF's, can't you tell :)

Iwan is so F.U.N, a very joyful 9month (almost 10 month) old and Iska is an absolute natural and GREAT mommy.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Love hate relationship

It is called a Pacifier or Dummy here in South Africa, but dummy sounds so dumb... so we call it a Doemsie.

Even before Anke was born, it was decided that she would use a Doemsie. It is very helpful when in church (I saw this work for a friend of mine) specifically when baby starts to fuss or goooh or cry, you know those things they do.

We had two NUK Doemsies in our hospital bag, ready as can be. We came home with both, and a baby that didnt care to use either. So my pinkie finger became the choice... Ok that is just weird right. Of we went to the pharmacy, to find a Doemsie in the shape of my pinkie finger.

Pigeon makes these really bright and big Doemsies... and you know it. They look like my pinkie finger. So there we have it, one week old and finally smitten over her Green or Orange Doemsie. How about making a white or pink Doemsie, Pigeon?

As a 10 week old, we are now playing a game - Anke falls asleep with her Doemsie, it falls out of her mouth, Anke wakes up and cries, Mommy to the rescue, put it back in Ankes mouth, who falls asleep, to start the game over again.

So there you have my love hate relationship with the Pigeon Doemsie that look like my pinkie finger.

(Picture taken by Anke 2 weeks old, sleeping on Grandma Toekies lap.)

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Update: 7 weeks and counting

Being a mom is FANTASTIC! During the last week, Anke has grown so much! She is reacting to our voices and kicks her little legs when ever she is awake! At almost 2 months, we are daily growing more inlove with this little girl. How big can your heart get?

She is now outgrowing the Tiny Baby clothes approaching 0-3 month attire. She weighs 3.38kg's and has grown 7 cm's since birth (52cm's long). I took this picture yesterday, when we were having some fun in between naps. This baby grow was way to big 6 weeks ago... Isn't she just too cute.

Anke is on 6 feeds a day. 3 Breast milk and 3 Nan, all 6 bottle feedings. She is a good sleeper. Usually sleeps from 23:00 - 04:00. This morning however she slept till 5:30! I LIKE!

This was all three the boys' 'going home suite', that is Martin and his 2 brothers I'm speaking of. Anke had to try it on, and just look how cute...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Wow... without me really grasping 23/03/2010, it is here. Today is my 30th birthday. Not only am I a wife to a fantastic husband, but I'm also a mommy to an adorable two week old baby girl. I'm so proud, I can hardly stand it.

Except for being spoiled by Martin, and receiving Anke two weeks ago, sms's and phone calls, a cake from my sweet mother in law - I was completely overwhelmed by Sara's Blog... GO READ IT!

So you will understand why I'm so over excited!!! We haven't seen our friends since 2007. Oh the joy of hugging them tight (I promise we will not kiss you).

I'm a very happy 30 year old, who is very blessed.

The Latch

No one can prepare you... the first 24hours with Anke home was very hard. I called a nurse friend of my 7o'clock the next morning, in tears. "Can you come over?" I said in a very close to tears voice. It was just hard.

We could not get THE LATCH, and if you know anything about breast feeding... there is nothing without THE LATCH. So after pumping breast milk, and using a dropper, we got the milk on the breast and motivated Anke to latch... this went on for 4 days. Thanks to Carla (my nurse friend) and my dearest Mother in law and ANKE (breastfeeding is a team sport) we've got this thing DOWN!!!

In this photo Anke is chilling with her Daddy. She is one week old in the photo, time does go by very quickly.

Pre Anke

The week before Anke was born, my dearest brother in law Bernard, whom is a fantastic photographer, took some photos of my 38 week pregnant belly... follow the link to see a few.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Anke Louise Bravenboer was born on 9 March 2010 at 08:28 - we are overwhelmed and excited by this new addition to our family! Here's some pics, enjoy!

Friday, February 19, 2010


Moyo is the Swahili word for Soul. No we don't speak Swahili in South Africa but this restaurant is called Moyo and believe me, it is SOULFUL.

My family from Perth, Australia visited South Africa, and come to Cape Town for a few days. In the picture is my moms younger sister, Elize and my cousin Lizanne. I have not seen Lizanne since 1999!!! She is al grown up and I just LOVE this girl.

We had a lovely night telling stories, up in a 'treehouse', with African drums making music, painted faces (which is a Xhosa tradition, when you are celebrating something) and so much food, we could hardly get to the decaf coffee after desert.

Martin & I felt completely blessed after our time spent with the Prinsloo's. One day, we will get to visit their 'Treehouse'!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


One of my friends, Wanda had her birthday one month after the actual day... It was a Pick Nick, but with a Wig... a WIGNICK...

I just love this picture of Martin & I!!! I'm 34 weeks pregnant in this picture.

Monday, January 18, 2010


It is the 18th day of this year and so much has happened!

My dear sister turned 18! We ate cake with her while they were still here…

Ferdi and Lelanie’s baby girl, Mieke was born on the 13th – waying in at 4.3kg!!!

Martin went back to work.

I’ve enrolled for 4 subjects this year at UNISA. Taking it s.l.o.w.

We are in the third trimester of our pregnancy (week 32). I’m getting very uncomfortable…

Our baby room is complete; all we need now is Baby. Martin did an awesome job with the cot and bed (pics to follow).

We had a funeral at church.

Martin did his first sermon for 2010! His message was about Christ in Me.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Family in Cape Town

My parents and Ilze arrived on 26/12!!! We are having so much fun. More pics to follow...

Martin and my dad getting ready to braai some ribs!!! Yummy
Franschoek at the Hugenote Monument
Getting a tour of the Cape Town Harbour on the Shozaloza.
Wine route - the mountain behind us is called The Simonsberg. This wine farm is called Delheim.