Sunday, January 29, 2006

The last weekend of the first month of 2006...

Friday started 5am, travelling to Kansas City for work. We got back at 10pm.
Saturday, was a rainy day - GREAT!!!! We slept in & I got to visit with Amber & scrapbook at Lueda, who has more scrapbook stuff than JoAnns... Martin & I watched Red Eye, & yes I did yell really loud at one point.. (like useally).
Sunday, church, lunch with friends, a nap & WalMart trip.

We are travelling again, so the blog is getting pushed back more & more.

May you have a great week. Remember to put Jesus first, above ALL. J

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


There’s not a lot of new news! My brother in law is getting married May 6th, 06 in South Africa Cape Town. We are so excited for them!!!

We recently got some pics from home & I wanted to brag with my beautiful mother in law! She is adorable & I just love her sooo much!
May you experience our extraordinary LORD in this normal day!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

13thFloor's South African visit

We invited some of the South African's to come enjoy a 'Pannekoek & Malva Poeding' night at our apartment, on Thursday night after truck pack. Oh how great it felt to hear a house filled with Afrikaans speaking people (Jennifer can say Oupa & Ouma sit op die stoep, so she counts too).

Christian, Anel and Jennifer & Waldi with Martin before dinner. Lizanne made 8 cups of coffee before dinner (yea for that African tradition!!!), therefore the white mugs.

Waldi & Andre, with Martin in his studio... talking music - how can they not. We could only house one person, and Waldi was the lucky one. It was as if we had a reletive visiting us... (We wanted him to stay). It was really sad when he got in the van on Friday morning.

Here is one of my new favorite American friends. Jennifer (Stasia you are nr 1)... She is from Mt. Vernon IL... & was in C-Kruis for a year. Jennifer is so cute, & her passion for life is addicting. You want to know her...

Steyn, my dearest 'school friend' or the closest Youth Minister... so passionate about life. We attendended dozens of Christian Conserts in our day... So many life changes during our 12 year friendship. God has blessed me with a friend, I will always call FRIEND. Steyn is one of the most gifted servant artists I know. Lief vir jou vriend.

I thank the Lord for sending this team to Joplin, it was a blessing to our community and to Martin & I. Life without friends is like a life in the desert.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Something I think is very well portrayed… I will go see this movie… The J’burg skyline is beautiful with the Vodacom Tower in the background.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Ok so I've not blogged this week & I think you know why... With the 13th Floor guys here, we had no extra time on our hand. God is so good, & this team is really a big blessing. I'll write some more this weekend. Thank you for your prayers... Be Blessed.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Luan is my brother Ben & sister in-laws first baby... He turned one in October, and loves being outside. My brother says he will be next to you the one moment and gone the next. Just like his dad, is what I'd say. He is the first grandchild in our family, and gets spoiled A TON!

These are my cousins little girls, in Peth! Elisha who is 4 & Anemi who is almost 2.
Pieter, Elita & the two girls just moved to Perth, Australia before Christmas.

There you have it ~ THE SMALL WONDERS OF MY LIFE (& they live on our fridge, for now... Ne my Man?!).

Sunday, January 15, 2006

A total GOD thing ~ 13thFloor (C-Kruis USA) is coming to Joplin, tomorrow!!!
Please pray for save travel & lots of oppertunities!
We get to house some of our dear friends, and talk Afrikaans for a week!
I'll keep you posted! J

Friday, January 13, 2006

Jani's Devo Thought!!!

I came upon some very interesting facts in my bible study we are doing on the Patriarchs by Beth Moore. Martin & I are also reading through the Bible this year, so these facts just made the Old Testament even more interesting.

In Gen 12:1 God said to Abram, who at that time was working for his father, selling gods, leave your country, your people... & go to the land I will show you! Abram packet his belongings & moved... with only God's word, that He would make him a great nation.

Now my revelation ~ during their travels they were on their way to the Negev (included desert regions in Southern Canaan), it means 'dry' place.

We sometimes experience emotionally what Abram experienced logistically. Realizing that you had met with God & that He has spoken a word over you or perhaps has made a promise is a spiritual high. (My time @ Passion was like a new fresh meeting place with our God.) Nothing is like a fresh realization that the God who created the universe, knows that we are alive & that the voice that spoke the planets into orbit has spoken to us. However the spring time we experience sometimes followed to the desert... Jesus experienced this in Matt 4:1, after His baptism. It doesn't stop here though, God strengthens our FAITH during 'dry times'!

May God be Glorified through your life in whatever season you find yourself.

Enjoy the journey!!!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Today is my dearest Dad's birtday...HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAREST DAD!!! or like we say in afrikaans ~ VEELS GELUK PAPPA!!!
My dad is a very special man, he loves the Lord, his wife, his children, grandchild & mother-in-law! My dad is an amazing farmer & is not scared of any challenge... You know when little children would say:"My dad is stronger & bigger than your dad..." Well that is my dad. My dad is not a big man, but his heart is like a South African Taxi, there is always place for one more!!! Thank you for loving all of us...
I love you Pappa!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

One more year, will it be just like the previous year? I guess this will be up to no one other than myself. I have to admit, having a 8-5 job was not my plan... but my life is not my own. Yip, and believe me, if I had a change, I guess I would have messed stuff up. I know my God has plans for me & you. Plans to prosper & not to harm. Plans for a future... And then I remember John Piper's words ~ The ultimate reason for suffering in the universe is to be a display of the Glory of the Grace of God, through the suffering of Jesus Christ. My life is not my own!!!! And suffering is not to make me feel bad or good for that matter. Suffering is for Gods Glory!!! Our party is not here, it is waiting for us!!! Remember to keep your focus on Him who is the giver of life. He who has a perfect plan A!!!! Live this year like you have never lived before & trust Him to give you life, even though it might be through suffering. In Him, J

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Our Passion Family Group!!!
How amazing, all strangers (except Martin & I), had a divine appointment last week. I have to say I was very skeptical at first... I don't really do good with meeting new people & throwing myself into deep conversations... but with this group, it wasn't that hard. I know one thing, God is with every one of us. May we seek Him in everything.
Hey you guys, have a fab week.

Saturday, January 07, 2006


Our God was there!!! I met with Him.
This was by far one of the best conferences I've ever attended. Everything was planned & executed in EXCELLENCE...
I don't ever want to be the same again.
I want the seeds that was planted, to grow & grow.
Martin & my family group was amazing & I could see God work in all 10 of our lives. I prayer is that all of us, will remember our hearts during our meetings, our commitments & each other in our prayers.

I have no other words to say!!!
Passion06 was God's way of changing my life!!!

I will Glorify God through my suffering.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

If ever there was such a thing as a perfect day, I experienced one yesterday!!! As most of you know, it was our first Anniversary. Martin spoiled me... & I have to say once again... IT IS THE BEST THING EVER TO BE MARRIED. We ate at Chedders & had to take our desert home. We watched our wedding video & read through our wedding book, drank wine & I got a full body massage!!! The best thing to get married on the last day of the year, is you get to look back and be thankful... I love my husband.

Some of our friends are attending The Passion Conference in Nashville this coming week... We got a call about 4 hours ago, and the church are going to pay for Martin & I to go for FREE!!!! We are so excited. So on this holy Sunday, Jani went to the office and worked ahead!!! SO WE ARE LEAVING 5AM!!!

Hope your New Year started off on a high note like ours!!!