Monday, January 14, 2008

George and Mosselbaai

We had a great weekend!

We drove to George on Saturday and spent time with Daniel and Elzette, who travelled with Believe. They got married two years ago and are so happy! There are great opportunities in George.  

Today, we drove to Mosselbaai. Barry and Ine Stander, from The Crossing, IL is planting a church here. Amazing story and once again, great opportunities.

Please continue to pray for us.

We will be driving back to Cape Town this afternoon, it is about 5 hours.

Thank you for your prayers, and support. We miss you guys so much.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

up til now

~ It is 2008, and summer
~ Martin's brother Ferdi and his wife is pregnant (due in Aug)
~ We bought a VW Polo Classic (maroon), a little older 1996 but with 121 000km it was a deal
~ We are finding out about health insurance because people drive insane here...
~ We've met lots of people
~ We've had to tell all those people about the journey we are on
~ I've sent my resume (CV) to one place so far, we will see
~ Many sun sets in the beautiful Cape Town

Still waiting for that 'place' we need to be!

Til later