Tuesday, March 28, 2006

We are on our way once again! Check out Jon & Sara's blog - our travel schedule is laid out after the beautiful pictures of Presley & his new friend.

Martin loves to Braai - yes that means CookOut or BBQ! So not to long ago we drove by one of those houses on Joplin's 4th street & there it was. A charcoal grill for only $25!!! Now that is a steal :)! Martin has cooked steak/pork & chicken on the grill & LOVE IT. He is a wonderful cook & I'm loving it... Watch out Summer, here comes the grill & the Bravenboers.

We'll be on the road for a loooong time. See you later :):)

Friday, March 24, 2006

My wacky South African Friends

I have some pretty wacky friends!!! Flaps & Pieter are busy with a 42km race, they ran last weekend. This was Pieters first 42K & also the qualifier for the comrades!!! Geluk ou vriend!!!

They are planning to run the Comrades in June (89km) C-KRUIS & Comrades. I love that they are so committed. They are ROCKING my ‘walking to my car’- work out!

So nou is ek 26 jaar oud!

My BIRTHday was so special, Sara had planned a birthday party with some friends on Wednesday, & we played Ligretto!!!
I took a compday yesterday(that was my gift to myself). Martin spoiled me with a rocking chair (one of those dreams i've always had), flowers & perfume! I talked with my family & got so many emails & texmessages my phones battery was flat by noon:)!

Thank you for everyone who made my day so GREAT.

Hoe spesiaal het ek nie gevoel nie. My US friends het vir my ‘n lekker aandete gemaak & ons ladies (nie meer girls nie, nê) het ligretto gespeel tot die mans wou huiswaarts keer.

Martin het my verras met ‘n ‘lewensdroom’…so iets. Ek wou nog altyd graag ‘n rystoel (rocking chair) gehad het. ‘n Paar weke gelede noem ek dit erens in ‘n winkel & hy onthou soos ‘n olifant. So ek kom toe by die huis Woensdagaand, na my party’tjie & daar gereed vir ‘n eienaar staan my stoel. Ai so spesiaal.

My ouma’tjie, Loraine bel my toe 12am, yip in die middle van d nag, & ons kuier toe te heerlik in die bed, oor die foon.

Dit was ‘n heerlike bederf om met my ma & my skoonouers te gesels. Ek is so bederf.

Elke email & sms het my net eenvoudig meer en meer laat besef hoeveel mense my liefhet. Dankie.

Ek wil net vandag sê, EK IS LIEF VIR JOU & AL IS EK VER, IS JY NA - AAN MY!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Stella Bella stayed with Martin & I this weekend. She is our friends Monte & Amy's doggy. We had so much fun having a puppy at home. She is so well mannered, and almost to easy to doggy sit.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Today is a very sad day, for Sara & Jon sold their parrot - PRESLEY.

He can talk!!! NO REALLY Presley can say HALLO, I LOVE YOU & PINEAPPLE!

Presley was not a planned pet. He found us, he traveled with the Believe Team for over a year & Sara was his keeper, his mom as we like to call her. I'm sure he will never again have such a devoted keeper. I know you are leaving a hole in her heart.

This picture was taken at Sara & Jon's Christmas Party in December. Sara with Presley on her shoulder with one of her guests Debbie.

We will miss you feather friend!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

If God is for us, who can be against us

I sat at my desk today, tears running down my face for I love these two so much. I can see the love they share & that is just so amazing. Elzette looked like a PRINCESS! I never doubted in her bridal ability. :) Ek is so trots op jou meisie.
Daniel, so handsome! Guys, know that being married is a gift. Love each other, EVERYDAY with EVERYTHING in you.
Lief vir julle outjies.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

TSOTSI wins award!!!!

I love my country & tonight I have to say N'KOSI SIKELELI AFRICA with the director Gavin Hood, for the MOVIE TSOTSI.
I'm proud to be a South African.