Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Farm House

This house, is my farm house...

I lived here from age 7 to 12 with my parents! I have the best childhood memories here. Ben and I played for hours in the dirt, kraal, dam any thing farm related. Our last two family members where born during our time here...

The house was changed some, but the basic grey tin roof and white washed walls are how I remember this house. My dad grew up in this house, and there are two graves on the farm. It is my great Grandparents Potgieter.

Martin & I visited my parents in April and my dad took us to the farm. I think it was more bitter sweet for my dad to be on his family farm... But it was good, it brings healing. This warm is now used as a vacation farm house and the land is rented to other farmers in the area.

I hope you enjoyed some Potgieter Hystory!