Monday, April 23, 2007

Pride and JOY

Ilze, my baby sister riding a horse... HUGE DEAL. After Ilze's 3rd riding lesson, her schoolteacher called my mom. "Ilze is writing full sentences for the first time since...”

I asked my mom to send me a picture of her (via cell phone we got the picture posted).

Monday, April 16, 2007


My heart missed a beat, or did it drop to my knees? I’ve never had such a feeling of sadness, sorrow, pain, agony? Anger, frustration, close to hating this mad, messed up world we live in… How could I feel all of this in one missed heartbeat?

6:30am Sunday Morning - I dropped Martin of at church to find someone, who we do not know, wrote, with spray paint, some really offensive words about our God, on our church buildings front entrance!!! (It got cleaned before most people got there.)

Someone, who we do not know, is lost, and is going to HELL and what are we doing about it? We sit in our church and sing beautiful praise songs to our Lord and Savior. We listen to the preacher, and say amen in our hearts, but when the push comes to shove, we keep quiet and walk away.

Someone, who is desperately crying out for help…for love, for recognition felt the need to cry out to God ‘on’ a building. The church building is not HIS church… we ARE - the living breathing feeling human beings that are not from the world. Why is it so hard for us to be His hands and feet?

I know someone, and so do you… if each of us reached out to the ‘someone’ we know, I believe we wouldn’t have offensive spray paint sentences on church buildings.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Jakes & Marie Louise Conradie

Congrats Jakes en Marie, julle twee lyk soos 'n prentjie.

Martin’s best friend in South Africa got married on Saturday. We heard it was a wonderful, warm afternoon wedding. We pray that our Lord will bless your marriage - it is the most fun and ‘joyes’ experience we've ever had!

Quiet Office...

Our first CIY Summer Conference starts today in Florida - yes I know it's not summer but hey, changing names aren’t that easy!

After a pace of 110miles an hour for a couple of months in the office here in Joplin, it is quiet, peaceful and weird. Our entire staff (except for 2 of us), are down in Panama City, FL with a youth group from Kentucky.

The only noise in my wing is the florescent lights in the hallway. My computer, and me, typing away.

Enjoy the beach guys, take lots of pictures and bring home some good stories!!!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


There is no greater feeling than when you know you are loved in the midst of chaos.

Our week started pretty ‘sucky’ when the Focus broke late Saturday. Monte & Amy let us borrow their little Red car, which broke Monday Morning (it was miner). Anyhow, if it wasn’t for a lot of caring & loving friends - Martin, Rudi & I would have been stranded.

How do you thank friends that lend you their car without expecting anything in return?
How do you thank a friend that will leave her office to come pick you up in the middle of nowhere?
How do you thank a friend that without a doubt drive to your house to let your dog out, to pee?
How do you thank a friend that will pick you up from work? And the list goes on.

I LOVE the family that God surrounds us with! It is a blessing to know that no matter what happens, there will always be someone who will help, that is what I call my family of believers who live Christ like.

We thank each one of you guys from the bottom of our hearts for making the first week of April, a glorious week.