Monday, September 24, 2007

Moving is NO fun

Maybe it would be more fun, if you bought a house and was moving into your own place? I wouldn’t know this has not yet happened to the Bravenboer’s.

Moving because you found a new job, with a bigger pay scale or opportunities, this is definitely more fun. Except if you are moving from South Africa to Arizona, in the States with two full grown Great Danes, like the Holohan’s. I would call this STRESSFUL.

Moving because you have to, this is the part that I clarify as NO FUN. Our plane tickets are booked and Martin and I are flying home to South Africa on December 11th. We will not arrive in South Africa until December 13th… dreadful. You might ask why this is. Well, long story short, our time on our visas is running out, and the filing offices for green card applications are 18 months behind. Therefore, the BIG Dreadful MOVE home.

I would ask you to please pray for us. We are in need of a miracle job, which would distinguish where we are going to live, in Pretoria or in Cape Town. The sooner we know where we are going to work, the sooner we would know where to find a place to rent and where to send our stuff (we are shipping a crate/pod home with some belongings).

Also, we are not moving Rudi to South Africa and are still looking for a good family that will take good care of her. I know she is just a dog, but she is my baby.