Friday, May 21, 2010

Love hate relationship

It is called a Pacifier or Dummy here in South Africa, but dummy sounds so dumb... so we call it a Doemsie.

Even before Anke was born, it was decided that she would use a Doemsie. It is very helpful when in church (I saw this work for a friend of mine) specifically when baby starts to fuss or goooh or cry, you know those things they do.

We had two NUK Doemsies in our hospital bag, ready as can be. We came home with both, and a baby that didnt care to use either. So my pinkie finger became the choice... Ok that is just weird right. Of we went to the pharmacy, to find a Doemsie in the shape of my pinkie finger.

Pigeon makes these really bright and big Doemsies... and you know it. They look like my pinkie finger. So there we have it, one week old and finally smitten over her Green or Orange Doemsie. How about making a white or pink Doemsie, Pigeon?

As a 10 week old, we are now playing a game - Anke falls asleep with her Doemsie, it falls out of her mouth, Anke wakes up and cries, Mommy to the rescue, put it back in Ankes mouth, who falls asleep, to start the game over again.

So there you have my love hate relationship with the Pigeon Doemsie that look like my pinkie finger.

(Picture taken by Anke 2 weeks old, sleeping on Grandma Toekies lap.)

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Update: 7 weeks and counting

Being a mom is FANTASTIC! During the last week, Anke has grown so much! She is reacting to our voices and kicks her little legs when ever she is awake! At almost 2 months, we are daily growing more inlove with this little girl. How big can your heart get?

She is now outgrowing the Tiny Baby clothes approaching 0-3 month attire. She weighs 3.38kg's and has grown 7 cm's since birth (52cm's long). I took this picture yesterday, when we were having some fun in between naps. This baby grow was way to big 6 weeks ago... Isn't she just too cute.

Anke is on 6 feeds a day. 3 Breast milk and 3 Nan, all 6 bottle feedings. She is a good sleeper. Usually sleeps from 23:00 - 04:00. This morning however she slept till 5:30! I LIKE!

This was all three the boys' 'going home suite', that is Martin and his 2 brothers I'm speaking of. Anke had to try it on, and just look how cute...