Friday, August 12, 2011

Wild Africa - Pilanesberg #2

Here are some of our high lights of the wild animals we saw...
(in no chronological order)

Our highlight was seeing this BIG guy...
The elephants in Pilanesberg are known for being a little 'obnoxious'... Especially the old bull without a tail. EEEEEEEKKKKK. Who do we find on our morning drive, Mr Stompie. And yes, he was intrigued by us! I was freaking out, and Martin was just taking photos :) We would reverse, and wait. He would walk closer, and wait. We would reverse more, and wait. He would walk closer, and wait. This went on for about 30 min. There was a 4x4 that decided after talking to us, that they would take the 'of road' challenge and drove through the field, around Mr Stompie... And left us to fend for ourselves with our Toyota Corolla (which seemed so small).
He later lost interest in us, (PRAISE JESUS) and turned to the field.
He did look kind of sad, as we quickly took the gap (and drove as fast as we could on the dirt road), past him.

Mr Giraffe was posing for his picture. He was right next to us. I almost had to zoom in to get his entire body in a picture. Just look at that face, isn't he just kissable?

This picture is just so beautiful. First the elephants were just walking directly to us, but then suddenly turned and started running in single file to the right. Everything is so dry, and the field had burnt, which makes this picture even more dusty...
Just look at those youngens... I love Elephants.

The Lion was eating the head of a Blue Wild Beest...

On our way back to camp one night, we met this BIG guy in the road. Martin took this picture before I made him close the window... The truck behind the rhino was full of men, whom later commented about putting on new pants :)
The rhino wasn't even interested in us (thank you Jesus).

This is an open invitation. If you would like to visit, Pilanesberg would be on the list. Safari Safari Safari :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011


After a very long July, we took to the road on Friday for a Potgieter Family Camping Weeking in the National Park Pilanesberg. We camped at Bakgatla Camp and took at least 2 drives through the park every day. One early morning and one before the gate closed.

I'll have to post more nature pictures of the WILD animals but here are a few moments with Anke, in the car and camp!As a 17 month old, she is getting so wise... and understands so well. I love it. I think it will help once our second baby arrives (i hope).
This was one of our early morning drives, MieliePap in the car... She calls it Miemie, she loves corn, in any form.
Anke loved being outside and she LOVED Vian's FrogChair. He wasn't so happy about sharing it, but if he wasn't around, she SAT her bottom right down in it, with a very pleased smile.