Thursday, April 27, 2006

Showing off Libby Jo Karnes!

I have to share this picture with you guys. Last year was the year of babies at CIY & Libby is so adorable. Here she is ready to go HUNT with Daddy Nate, in her CAMO!!! So CUTE...
For some of my South African friends, this is the way people dress when they hunt ducks & dear :)!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Conference Staff at CIY

In Front from left to right: Sara Hill, Sara Nelson, Kevin Greer, Jenette McEntire, Jennifer Deordorff, Chase Allcott, Robing Sigars
In the back from left to right: Patrick Snow, Nate Karnes, Eric Epperson, MD. Neely, Matt Foreman, Jayson Frensh, Johnny Scott, Jani(Yanee) Bravenboer, Mike Temm & Ryan Claborn

Saturday, April 15, 2006

To experience life, is to live it! I realize this more everyday. I want to sit and write & tell you everything inside me... but then again, I don't. Why do we love myspace & blogger? Why do we have the need to write & tell of our lives? Do we feel insignificant? I think we live in a society that is so globally connected that we feel the need to let the person on the other side of world know - I DO EXIST AS WELL!!! Enough philosophy!

We shopped the ENTIRE day.
We jumped in Meredith's Taurus (all 6 of us), and spent 7 hours in Louisville... everywhere. We did not find choco's for Jon & Sara, but we did find some running shorts for Martin. Sara & I spent 30min in forever21, without any success. I'll have to start calling Old Navy OLD FAITHFUL.
We backed into some minder car accident. I'd say to many heads in the back seat :)!!!
Our first day in Louisville proved itself to be FUN FUN FUN.

We might even get a change to hang out with Stasia.


VAKANSIE, (vacation for the english folk)

We are in Louisville, this time we got in the car with a smile. More posts to follow... for I'm enjoying my morning coffee in the fellowship op friends & who wants to be rude :)