Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Iska & Etienne

My best friend in South Africa got married on April 12th. It was a fantastic day for a fantastic couple! 
Martin & I got to attend the wedding in Magaliesburg. I was one of her 3 brides maids and had a great time with the girls. I flew up the Wednesday after work and had some time with Iska before the big day. 
We got to visit with Tollie & Heidi, Elsabe and some of our other South African friends whom we have not seen since being back in the country! 

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Learning to SHARE, in SOUTH AFRICA

Our country has experienced a growth spur the last few years, everywhere you look the little old farms are being changed into housing developments… There used to live one family and cows, now there lives 200 families with at least one car.

This growth has been good but it is teaching us to SHARE in more than one way… The biggest lesson we are all learning is to share POWER (electricity).

Our country doesn’t have enough POWER for everyone, this might sound funny, it did to me in the beginning but it is TRUTH. They (Eskom, our electricity company in South Africa) call it LOAD SHEDDING. This might continue till 2013 till they have enough POWER saved up again.

‘Luckily’ Pep’s Central Office, where I work has a generator. Every Wednesday afternoon (according to the load shedding schedule) for a couple of hours we have dark hallways and no coffee at lunch time. But at least we can work…

On Thursdays from 8am-10am we have no power at our apartment, ‘luckily’ we are at work during that time.

LEARNING (forced) to SHARE in this beautiful country, full of its own corky problems (like all countries have).