Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cape Town

We are on our way to Cape Town!!!

The main reason - U2 Concert with Pierre, Anique and Bernard, but with the show comes a visit to our beloved Cape Town and the people we've come to love over 3 years.

We will arrive past 23:00 tonight... ridiculous right? They bumped our flight more than an hour ahead, eish. Anyhow, we will wake up in beautiful Cape Town. Martin will fly back mid Saturday morning.

Tomorrow we get to meet Isabelle Grace Willett, the first addition to Matt and Chereens family. I can hardly wait to hug them, and hold that sweet 3kg baby!

Anke and I'm getting to be at Zani's dedication Sunday at Doxa Deo Langeberg and visit with the family until next Saturday!

Here's to the weekend, and week to come!!!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Weekly Wonder

Since we now live in the same City as my best and longest friend - Anke and I try to hang with Iska and Iwan once a week!

Iwan is 6 months older than Anke and they are loving each others company! Iwan just started walking, which seems to be a good motivation for Anke!

This is not just a play-date! Iska and I get a few hours of quality time, although most of it is spent on the floor, cleaning diapers, feeding etc...

Have I mentioned that both our husbands work for the same church? I love how God is true to His word when He says "I know the plans I have for you..."

My weekly wonder is my saving grace...

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