Thursday, May 26, 2011

USA Hometown - Joplin

On Sunday a Tornado hit, our "home town" - Joplin, MO. If you need more information please read here... (or go to youtube)

Our friends Eric and Torry Epperson, lost their entire home, read his blog here...

We praise Jesus, that all our friends are ok and safe. We do mourn with all the suffering many families are going through.

Our hearts long to be with our 'family' friends in Joplin but we are so proud of our fellow Christian brothers and sisters for surving there currently. Proud to be a part of the BODY!

Anke @ 14 months

This picture was taken at a friends 2nd birthday party!

Our sweet baby is turning into a Toddler (cry!!!).

I taught Anke that a sad baby's heart is sore and that is why they cry. You would ask me why would you teach your 14 month old something so sad... Well, this little girl can whine! And because she doesn't have words, she will just stand at my feet and whine!

Anke is very vocal, especially with the word NO. She will say it at the top of her lungs, she has a pretty strong voice (it is actually very sweet). She will point to something she is not allowed to touch and say NEE! (no)

Martin taught her to sing... That is sweet, she just goes DAAA DA DA DAAAA on demand. SWEET GIRL

Poor thing has Roseola (baby measles). She had a fever the weekend, at our Church camp and now has a spotty body. She was 'fragile' the entire weekend. Poor Iwan, didn't really get to play with her much.

We saw a frog the other day, and now she loves them. Not that the green plastic play frog she has, looks anything like the cold, brown gutter frog... Kids are amazing, though.

Anke loves books. That is by far her favourite 'toy'.

20 Weeks Pregnant

Wow, I can not believe we are half way with our second pregnancy! (and my first post about this pregnancy...)

With a toddler time flies! Yesterday Anke put both her hands on my bulging stomach and said: "BABA". How cute is that.

Baby B is now 14cm long and weighs 339g.
We are not sure about the gender, but the Dr is speculating it is a girl. We honestly don't mind, boy of girl. Having another baby is a miracle in it self, and it being healthy is our second miracle. Gender, not so important...

I'll write Anke's 14 month update in a second post...

Sunday, May 01, 2011

@ 13 months

Anke is a walking talking "roaring" machine :)

She says Hallo to any and every one. When you answer the phone, she'll put her hand to her ear and say "Hallo!"

She not only Meauiws like a cat but also Roars like a lion! It is so so cute!

She now says "NO!", and the word "MOOI" which in context is Well Done. She will reply with "OK" when she agrees...

Her little personality is coming forward everyday. She is a very friendly, happy and loving little girl.