Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Welcome home Mr. SUN...

and He heard my cry... I believe God answers our prayers even it if is as simple as praying for a little sunshine! The weather was a real blessing the last couple of days - in the 60's!!!.

Our propane tank got suck down to the 5% mark a few days ago. Martin happened to check the meeter and realized - we were running really low. So we made a call and $299.80 later our propane tank was filled back up to 50% and ready for whatever the weather may bring. (I hope we do not need to use it as much, or at least not until the end of 07, but we'll have to wait and see).

I'm on my way to Cincinnati for a Believe Conference this weekend. They are expecting about 4000 jr high students...

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

To My Valentine...

(If you can not read this it is because it is in AFRIKAANS!!!)
(What's up with the hearts? Yes they are really cheesy but hey so is Valentines day, right...)

Daar is min dinge in die lewe wat kan beskryf hoe dit voel om iemand lief te hĂȘ! Vandag eer ek my man as die liefste ding in my lewe!

Jy dra my op jou hande asof ek jou alles is.
Jy maak seker dat ek warm slaap en lekker eet.
Jy maak seker ons rekeninge is betaal en dat ons fone werk.
Jy, my man is die rede vir die glimlag op my gesig en die love song in my hartjie.

Elke dag is soos Valentines Day saam met jou…

Ek het jou lief

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

wrong foot...

Have you ever got up and just felt the world on your shoulders? Wow this day was forever long...

You should think that with a upper 50 degree F forecast smiles would run from ear to ear, not so much, now our yard is a mud pit with real ice as frosting!!! The unpaved driveway is something else - we almost did not make 6:17 tonight for our front wheel drive Focus, would not drive through the mud :( (common knowledge right?!). So here we are, Martin and I trying to get the front wheels unstuck in our 'church' clothes... We stuck some dry wood under the wheels and drove off without looking back!!!

Anyhow this day is almost over and with the Wii as activity tonight, it can only get better!!!

Enjoy your sunny day (if you are in RSA) or enjoy your freezing cold day (if you are in the USA).