Monday, June 25, 2012

5 am

What is up with 5am... 
My word! 
Anke wakes up at 5 and wakes up everyone around her!!!! 
Makes me furious. 

BUT look at this cute face... She is only 2!

Anke is counting to 15 and loves reading books. She loves singing any song as long as she can remember the tune, she will just make the words up as she goes... She knows most of her colors, purple is the favorite :) Her favorite 'game' at the moment is cutting with her 'skertjie'.

LOVES Barney, Dora and Mickey Mouse.

Anke is so social, and greets anyone looking her way. Hilarious.

Potty training in winter is not my cup of tea... So we play now and then with going to the potty, but comes September, we will work hard at getting her trained!

Even thought I'm not getting enough sleep, she is truly bringing much joy to my life!

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