Thursday, June 28, 2012

at times...

So I find myself in a season so out of my comfort zone, yet, here I am!

With two sweet little girls under two and a half, I'm on the back burner... Hair in a pony tail, jeans and a jacket. I never thought I'd be that kind of mom, yet, here I am!

my girls and I,  at the beach in Mei
This season is so crazy. 

At times I want to run away and hide.
At times all I can do is PRAY.
At times I dance with a baby in my arms.
At times I laugh until I cry!
At times I can't believe their mine.
At times I can't believe God in trusted them to us.
At times I'm overwhelmed.
At times I'm overjoyed.
At times I tickle.
At times I read.
At times I sing.
At times I sleepwalk.
At times I don't want to...

Most of the time, I   L O V E...

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Sara said...

I love you, dear friend. You are beautiful in every way!