Wednesday, January 28, 2009

One step at a time

Stef & Nate is adopting from Ethiopia! They finally received the referral. A perfect 4 weeks old baby boy, that they named Jordan! God is so faithful! Congratulations!

Baby M is doing much better. I visited him for about 2 hours yesterday. He wants to sit and talk which makes me believe he is going to be just fine! I'll be there again this afternoon - doing my Cheerleading.

We are starting the Young Adult ministry tonight with small group and a hike & picnic on Saturday. Please pray for this ministry!

The Beth Moore women's bible study is starting next Thursday. We have 31 women, in counting. Everyone is so excited about this study. (They are in for a surprise!!!) Thank you to each one of you that helped us with getting the material!!!

Sometimes I feel like a chicken running with my head chopped off. Sometimes I forget my life is not mine. Sometimes, most of the time, I remember, He is in control, He has a plan, I'm just walking one step at a time...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I don't like hospitals. Most of us don't. I was scheduled to visit Baby M from 9-1 and I did it with a smile. For Him, not for men.

I arrived at the hospital as Baby M was coming out of surgery. The nurses let me go to the recovery room. We stayed there for the first hour after surgery so that they could insure he was stable after the surgery. As I was sitting next to his bed, holding his little hand, I was almost overwhelmed by God's favour on his life. This little boy is so perfect.

He was born with a bag (almost like a balloon) above his nose, between his eyes. After the first surgery they closed the hole in the skull on the forehead. Brain fluid was leaking into the bag. Yesterday they removed the access skin when they opened him up to clean the infection! He looks amazing.

My life will never be the same! Sitting next to that little body as he was waking up, crying out of his dry throat, I wanted to sob with him. All I could do was Cheer him on, comfort him, talk and pray with him.

Please continue to pray!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Baby M - Infection

I had the privilege to sit with Baby M yesterday. This is a very brave baby boy! The doctors could not get the infection under control with antibiotics, so they are taking him back for surgery this morning. They will open him up and clean the infection out. Baby M has a cold so please pray for healing. After almost two weeks in the hospital this little guy is ready to come 'home'.

I have to say my emotions are so up and down over this little guy. He is so brave! He is a fighter and he has a calling on his life! Please trust God with me for complete healing and a forever family for Baby M!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


After 12 hours of carrying all our belongings down three flights of stairs, strapping it to Ferdi's Bakkie (little truck), driving 2km to Bakersfield, unstrapping and unloading. We are officially moved!

We could not have done it without amazing friends and family! Rian and Wanda came at 2ish with Romans Pizza - FANTASTIC. Bernard came a little later and Mario brought a Bakkie and trailer to finish with the bigger things at around 6ish. THANK YOU guys!

We woke up in our new little duplex to the singing birds (in contrast to the rushing interstate) - lovely. All that is left is unpacking and cleaning the old apartment.

Please read Baby M's update!!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Baby M is doing well. Please read the blog for updates.

We are finally moving into Bakersfield tomorrow! We worked in the garden on Saturday. Martin's mom gave us a car full of plants; ferns, Agapanthus, wild garlic and some little grass bushes. I'm so excited to have a little garden we can enjoy and spend time in - pictures to follow. (We missed Sara in the garden on Saturday.)

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Baby M

Friends, please pray for Baby M from Thembiso. He is going in for an extensive facial sergery on Friday. I'll post updates on the Thembiso Blog during his time of recovery! Thank you for your faithful support in prayers.

Monday, January 05, 2009


Wow time flies and I'm really not good with blogging these days.

Martin & I are training like crazy and I'm finding that my 'behind' is looking better after each ride (Aren't you proud Amy!). (The other realisation is that my paths are getting tighter, not so good...) I love it. We get up before the sun (5o'clock ish). Everything is clean and quiet. Just you and the mountains and sometimes the wind. Saturday on our long ride we did a 3 and a half hour (83km) ride. AWESOME.

Martin's youngest brother, Bernard came with us this morning, and he rocked! Our average was over 25 (almost 26kmph) on a 35km ride!!! YSTERBENE (legs of steel) is what I call that!

We found a little duplex in Sonstraal that we love, two minutes from church. It is called Bakersfield, there are 50 units, and we are number 21. It is a two bedroom, one bath, with a garage and garden. The living room is tiny, but we are excited to move there. We will move within the next week or two. Pictures to follow.

Anyway, love y'all and have a great first month of 2009!